Taking Busbar

Taking a new anti-anxiety medication Busbar. Took one this afternoon, made me feel a little woozy but it might help with my anxiety. Feel a little bit better.

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Am prescribed to take it three times a day, morning, noon, and night at a low dose for a week and two times after a week at a stronger dose. Hope it works.

I was on both that one and propranolol, but my doctor just said to stay on the propranolol, and took me off of Busperone. Hope you feel adjusted pretty soon. I can’t remember how it made me feel, but I just told him I have to only take meds once a day. It’s hard enough for me to remember to eat let alone take meds.

Buspar brand buspirone? http://www.rxlist.com/buspar-drug.htm

It does that. (I have been on it.)



I’ve heard of it, but not familiar with it. Hope it gets progressively better for you.