To those who experienced sleep paralysis

Did you notice meds seemed to help with it or stop it? I am debating whether an increase in my AP dose would help or not. I have minimal to no issues with the demons while I am awake but almost every day when I sleep I have at least one sleep paralysis hallucinatory experience where they attack me and it is just as upsetting as though it happened if I were awake.

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I’ve never heard of or taken a med that helped with it. I suspect my AP might be causing it. I have nightmares with sleep paralysis where I drift in and out of consciousness in the middle of a bad dream. Last night was a horrible one, I was taking a class in a college and everybody was mad at me, the other students all yelled at me in front of the teacher. Just part of what I have to put up with to feel okay during the day I guess.

Sometimes I stay up late because I’m scared of going to sleep because of it. Almost a Nightmare on Elm Street type scenario.

I was diagnosed by a neurologist among other things. He even told me that I dont have schizophrenia. He was hesitant at first but my mom was there too. Too bad he moved or something…

I can’t really remember what sleep paralysis is or was for me.

Could be related to sleep apnea or other stuff. He prescribed me Topamax for migraines, I had an EEG, and an MRI.

he was Indian so maybe he believed in reincarnation or something.

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In my dreams ( sometimes I get them days or weeks or months later), I experience all sorts of things. Horrible ■■■■ that is just as real or more than real. Stuff like im being teleported to the mental hospital or its past lives/parallel universes/consciousness transfer. I think its real but in the after life or some ■■■■.

I remember being in another life being tortured, paralyzed from fear, and killed. I lived it thousands of times. Its like I recall it through dreams and memories. I dont think its sleep paralysis, but maybe an artifical karma hell caused by God or aliens or the Illuminati.

Sometimes I think im in another mental hospital with the same people on a parallel earth…same people, same hospital, very different outcomes, events, and personalities.

Thank you.

Yes i get that too where I will drift in and out of a nightmare into sleep paralysis. It is awful because it is like you are fighting to wake up but keep getting sucked back into the dream. It always makes me so scared like what if I won’t be able to wake up?

Only recently has it started happening on a daily basis…


My nightmares since I was little have always been extremely vivid and felt like real life like you said…i also went through a lot of awful stuff, a lot of torture in them. Regular people don’t understand and say “they’re just dreams” but other people don’t dream like i do. Also i spend almost half my day dreaming. When you spend half your time dreaming and your dreams are as vivid as the waking world you could see why it would be hard to discern what reality is and not be strongly impacted by them


i got sleep paralysis just about every night when i was on olanzapine, i rarely get it now, i sum it up to anticholinergic and antihistamine effects causing this as i get it from benadryl too

Mine is more like the movie inception where I can be in a nightmarish dream for months, years, or even eternity
I’m convinced it’s real. I just have severe dp/dr and psychosis so I can’t tell whats going on or what is real sometimes in the dream world. I then wake up and resume my life or some crap. Sort of exactly like Limbo. Punishments can last for billions of years or more.

Life is good so far. I meet people in my dreams but I’m convinced its another life on another planet earth. Sort of exactly like the matrix or inception. It makes me think its reptilians and tall grey aliens.

Wow yeah I have had that too where I have lived out my entire life in dreams and then woken up and had to just carry on with my day. I also struggle with the belief that dreams are just an alternate plane of existence as real as the waking world.

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I’ve gotten sleep paralysis and these experiences since long before I was on any meds :confused:

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wow, u have some sleep disorder right? maybe that has to do with it. i dont remember my dreams too much before meds because i was using weed daily before psychosis and id rarely dream due to that. when i went on olanzapine i spent half the day lucid dreaming and flying around world building and testing out every super power imaginable, usually always ended in sleep paralysis for me tho. i cant really dream as vividly and lucidly anymore now but i rarely get sp,

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I experience multiple nightmares each night also. The entities can form into any type of person or being and have done multiple types of torture harassment to me leaving me absolutely terrified during the day (as I also have to wake up to listening to the entities speaking to me as soon as I wake up). I continue to do my best to get through each day and night, though this has been a monumental task; It helps knowing I’m not as alone in all of this when I read others like yourself explain about similar experiences, so thank you! :blossom:

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I get SP now and then. It"s quite harrowing. Never had it before APs though.

Yes i have narcolepsy which a big part of that is sleep paralysis. I was just curious if APs had any effect on it bc the other day I was on here and posting about how I was still being tormented by demons through sleep paralysis someone said I should up my AP dosage. However I was not sure if APs would even work for sleep paralysis and from what I’m reading in this thread it may even make it worse. I don’t think there is any treatment for sleep paralysis :confused:

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