Sleep paralyses have you experienced it

It was a terrible feeling, i went through hell 8 years before i became mentally ill. I would have sleep paralyses 3 times a day, I didn’t know the name of that terror. But once i started taking ambien, i wasnt having any. And now its gone.

i get sleep paralysis all the time. I have some ■■■■■■■ weird dreams and when i wake up from them I cant move. happens especially when im taking short naps.

I think this happened to me on certain meds, like Seroquel XR - I remember having sleep paralysis when I had night terrors as a kid

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There been research on rats that when rats were deprived from GAbA and glycine they get sleep paralyses, you should have your neurotransmitter tested, i think that problem can be solved.

I have had this happen to me on several occasions. At the time it felt as if I was being sexually violated. It is a horrible feeling. I am sorry that you have had the experience of sleep paralysis. Currently I am not on meds so I cannot offer any help in that area. But, I believe that we all need to know that we are not alone and that there really are people who care. <3. P.S. I was also on Seroquel XR when this happened to me.

I have sleep paralysis many times, today I was dreaming that I was a soldier and I was in a war, it seems to happen when I’m dreaming very strange dreams and is related to diazepam. I have tactile hallucinations in sleep paralysis.

Yes, I experienced it regularly back in high school.

First time it happened I was absolutely terrified. I thought I was being possessed or something. I heard a wheezing sound. I googled it immediately when it was over and learned what sleep paralysis was.

Sooo the next time it happened to me I stayed calm and reminded myself it was a natural process. I began to experiment with it when it happened. I trained myself, rather quickly, to be able to easily snap out of it at will. I was mostly interested in the hallucinations.

I realized that if I allowed myself to be panicked, the hallucinations became threatening and scary, but if I was calm, they were always very neutral and fine. For example, hearing a pencil writing, or a slight beeping. (I had scarier ones when i was first starting out) I started manipulating the hallucinations. It was very interesting to me. But unfortunately, when I became too good at controlling it it stopped entirely. Now I almost never get it (I used to get it often, like you did) but when I do I snap out of it before I can even think to let it happen. It’s actually a disappointment to me!

Basically if you stay calm while it happens you’ll be fine. Close your eyes so you don’t see visual stuff too. Focus on trying to wiggle your big toe. All that jazz.