To ladies on here

Any women here been through or going through the menopause how has it affected schiz if it has at all

I’m not a woman but from what I’ve read, menopause can worsen some schizophrenia symptoms. It’s not always the case though. You might want to look into RALOXIFENE, an estrogen-based therapy for menopause-related osteoporosis which was found to improve outcomes for schizophrenic women, regardless of age.

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Hi, Andrey is right. Some schizophrenics have radically improved their symptoms with estrogen therapy. If you can overcome both problems at the same time…

i’m not a menopausal but I haven’t had a period in almost three years but i’m only 28. I think I had a period a few weeks ago i’m not sure it only lasted two and half days. But I noticed I had problems with controlling my temper, and I was depressed a lot.

am on risperidone and my system is high on prolactin i.e. secretion of milk from my breasts. my doctors tld me that this might affect my period in the long run. am still fine. the discharge is not heavy. this might be the reason for what you are experiencing. see your doctor.please.

as regards your temper, i flare up too at times but my family now understands my mood swings especially when am tensed up or hungry. just learn to be happy

I am going through surgically induced menopause. I can tell you that some of the symptoms of menopause are exaggerated when I am psychotic. But when taking medication normally I find the only symptom besides weight gain that I am bothered with is heat flashes.