Question for women with schiz

I do really well with my illness until the time of the month comes up. Before time of month I get really anxious and then during it I get terribly depressed and that’s when my paranoid symptoms flair up. can others relate?

Hi, I’m not a woman but i find i can train my voices through reading, maybe you could as well, i don’t know, if you had time, my voices definitely respond to reading, i thought to post in case it would help your life be fun

I’ve done a hysterectomy. I don’t have periods anymore. I did that before I got so ill I ended up in hospital. I had killer periods. It was like giving birth every month, I just could not take it anymore. Beside killer periods I did not have any PMS or other symptoms.

Hi, I’m male. Sorry if I’m intruding and presuming but have heard of many women complain of symptoms flaring during their cycle with a wide range of mental disorders. Anyway the common comment is some of the birth control pills seem to help. Might be worth looking more into at anyrate. Hope I helped.


I used to get painful periods with bad PMS but over the last years since taking antipsychotics, the pain has ceased. Still had bad PMS though, until a bit more recent. Maybe it was the contraceptive Pill. Recently, a few months ago I stopped taking them, but still no problems with PMS, I only can tell when I get my period when the blood flows. My illness did seem a bit bad yesterday just before I started my period, but then it was bad a long time already. I still feel bad, it is endless and has nothing to do with my cycle at all, it is separate.