To Do List?

I know it can be hard to get things done as a person living with a mental illness so I’m starting this To Do List so we can share what we need to get done and then chat about our accomplishments.

here is my to do list:

  • I need to get a haircut
  • I need to Hoover my carpet
  • I’ve got to sell a piece of furniture
  • I have to take some things to the dump
  • I need to put some clothes away
  • I got to clean the Oven Hob
  • I want to pass motorbike training.

what is on Your To Do List?


Eat breakfast for lunch when power comes back on and calm down from my rage attack
Take my overdue morning meds
Hug my husband
Feed my bird and fishes


Call for an appointment tomorrow with my pdoc and ask for a med switch

Do the laundry

Fill out my questionnaire for before my CT

Make dinner


Luckily I just cleaned the house so I don’t have to do that yet.

  • Making Music should be on my list
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These are the things I’m thinking I need to do in the next week

  • Get 3 strings songs down pat
  • Practice chords
  • Get blood sugar back under control
  • Pick up glasses
  • Go to bank and get rent money
  • Pay for lab tests that werent covered by Medicare
  • Start trying new smokeless cigarette for habit
  • Get back into dog walking and exercising more regularly. It’s erratic atm.

There is probably more I’m not thinking of atm


The only thing I need to do is clean my apartment by Thursday. The landlord may inspect it then.


I havent done anything on my list lol

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You have a good idea with the list. If I may make a suggestion…Put some really easy things on the list too that you know you are going to do so that you will be setting yourself up for success and also you will see that you are actually accomplishing things. For example, clean kitchen, do laundry, take shower. Well, those aren’t always easy actually. But you get my point.


Im just out here trying to survive currently

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ok new list

  • shower
  • wash towels
  • dry underwear
  • do dishes

That is excellent! My sister tells me the little rush I get for checking things off my list is dopamine.


Work on dishes
scrub bathtub
do a load of towels
kick my houseguests out
quit smoking
go to my speech therapy appointment


I dont normally have a list of things to do but i can see how it can be helpful, i like to keep my options open and do what i can when i feel like it but not in any sort of order.

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some of them are pretty big

Like your tagline says. Actually, I’ve noticed your tagline before and admired it. I have the same philosophy.

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I did everything on the list yayyy and I even changed my sheets and pillow slips on my bed & I managed to get some shopping:)

New list time! lol

  • tidy up
  • hoover
  • clean gas hobs

this is a lot harder :frowning:

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get hernia surgery taken care of.
do chores around the house.
cook chicken wings in two days…(really looking forward to it)

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Hope all goes well :slight_smile:

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My wife’s back is injured and she’s out of commission for at least two weeks. All household chores are now mine until she’s functional again. Too many to list. Current TO DO list is basically summed up as: FRIG.

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Just try and do what you can mate, hope it works out :slight_smile: