Have you got a to do list?

just wondering if anyone here has a to do list,

could be little things or big things, could be anything,

we could share whats on our to do list if you want :slight_smile:


Oh I mean… I’ve been thinking a lot about daily routines… and developing one…

Two major conflicts:
I’d rather stay up all night than spend 100% of my time with my dad… so I’m going to practice going to sleep when he wakes up and then just using the time while he’s awake to be active and get myself around… Feed myself and all that…

Then the night time I’m going to keep hacking away at the ■■■■ that I do. I read the first chapter of my anthropology book and it was enlightening… I’ll continue to throw a chapter in per day…

Beyond that… I’m totally limited to live the way I used to with the same comfort…

I could take off from my house at any and every hour and go biking to hit the store for some snacks or even real food… I could take in the cool humid kansas air like it was the milk of the gods… Even go kick the skateboard around in the after hours when the park was supposed to be closed… (Hah a cop even came out there one time and saw I was just a lonely adult that wasn’t causing trouble and he left)

Bah… I miss a lot of my old life… a life routine now is… Wake up… shower… eat… brush teeth… wait 3 hours… eat… brush… repeat 6 and 7… the same thing again…

Dude the ■■■■’s drab…


I love lists!!! Making them really helps me feel more in control. When I was a child my parents would make lists for me because I couldn’t do things they told me without getting overwhelmed or forgetting.

I made a list today of things I need to clean, I’ve already crossed off three things.

Litterbox :white_check_mark:
Rat cage
Bathroom :white_check_mark:
Sweep :white_check_mark:
Clean and decorate bedroom
Deal with my garbage, recyclables, empties, and garbage bags full of things I’m donating.


I have lists upon lists, just added to my grocery list.

have some complicated stuff on spreadheets too!


Lists are great, I made a list of things to show my p/doc when I was overwhelmed which helped me come up with a plan on how to get through it,

It helps when I write it down bc it makes it easier to get through, helps with planning,

I should write down a list every day but I figured if I remember things to do then that’s better for my memory lol

Today I

  • took dog a walk
  • phoned about my shower
  • phoned about fish tank
  • met some friends
  • got my fish tank
  • did my TEP
  • filled up fish tank

The list I showed my p/doc had about 15 things on it :confused:

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Me and my girlfriend make a list practically every time we leave the house. Part of it is what we’re doing at each place. If we’re shopping, a list of stuff we want to buy. And always a list of places we’re going to, in order so we don’t backtrack too much or go too far out of the way. Without our notes, we would totally forget most of it and would drive all over the place in the process. :sun_with_face:


I keep one for my daily habits now to make sure I do basic self-care.


I don’t have one but you’ve inspired me to start one lol


I have a to-do list when it comes to cleaning.

I made it with my home guide, because we both felt it would help me not feel overwhelmed by cleaning.
And it helps. If I don’t have a list to follow, there’s so many choices that I end up frozen and passive, unable to do anything.
But now that I’ve put it into logical steps, it feels easier to complete and not lose track.

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Every November I buy a large planner for the following year. Everything I have to do is written in the planner.

What is on my to-do list for today? Well, I had an appointment with my tdoc this morning, but I received a call telling me I have to reschedule due to my tdoc being ill (it was a regularly scheduled appointment).

Today is my niece’s birthday (22), so I’m going to call her at 9:00 AM. Then I’m going to Walmart to buy a few Wrangler jean shorts and T-shirts.

That’s all I have so far, but things are always added to the list as the day progresses.


I have a huge list and I check it twice to see who is naughty or nice. :slight_smile:


I have agoraphobia so I try to make it out of the house once or twice daily but then I have my home to do list to keep me on my feet. I hate mental illness, it’s an upward battle.

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Laundry, cooking, clean kitchen, groceries, clean bathroom.

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My to do list is the same everyday almost, so, I got it memorized.

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