Second thoughts on the job

It’s only 6 weeks, and 35 hours per week but I am afraid I can’t do it. I so want to try cos it is local and i might even get free concert tickets as perks of the job but i am afraid i can’t do it… as i still feel somewhat unstable…

You can do this! I know you can. You are a very bright, capable, strong young woman who definitely can pull it together for 6 weeks. You will nail this thing. You’re probably going to do so well that they will beg you to take a permanent job at twice the pay. And you are going to love it so much that you’ll consider taking that offer.


Haha, I do not think I will be offered perm… but can hope… lol it’s for a project… and i have to sign something that says i can’t say things to people outside :smiley: im so excited to know what it is …

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6 weeks is not a great amount of time, you might enjoy it and know it will end soon

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Well, you actually don’t know how bad or good it is because you haven’t done it yet.
Sometimes its smart to know when to give in and quit but maybe you could go there a least once and see what it’s like and what the people are like. It may not even be as bad as you think. Maybe go for the first day and if you feel like its too hard or stressful than just say “screw it” and walk out. But you don’t really know exactly what it is like until you go there.


What are you afraid of?
Try and if you fail, in the bad case you will get kicked out,
but that’s not a disaster.
I think you can try.

You worked so hard to get this job, you can do the job too! Don’t quit now, I know you can do it.

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I’m not afraid to be kicked out. More afraid of getting sick.

Try it out and see how your stress level is? If you get too stressed out then quit (hopefully before getting sick). I know that sometimes I think that I shouldn’t be stressed by a situation, so I stay in it when I shouldn’t and then all of the sudden, I get some sort of bad reaction. If things get bad, listen to yourself and quit instead of overextending. But I think it is a good idea to try.

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@Erez_Shmerling, what you suggest me. Distt administration gives me target to complete 50 million INR works in just 6 week. Otherwise they should take action against me.!!!

@anon68148378 do you have pressure at your job?

Yes @Erez_Shmerling, my father collapsed because of such works due to brain stroke. 25 year ago.

@anon68148378 you make a lot of money by Indian standards.
No wonder your job is stressful.
I think that even if you have high stress at your job you can’t complain as you make a lot
of money.
It is possible that the stress is too much for you,
in that case you may try to do something less stressful,
but you should be prepared to risk your financial situation.

Yes you can say 5 lacs is mine in this if I would complete the works and bills. But money is not everything. Specially when life is in risk.

You don’t believe, I cried in front of my boss, refered to my father. That I am unable to do such works. But he said " everyone has to go (die) early or late. You have no options. "