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Yes her topic was closed to only friends I suppose…but I just wanted to tell her that maybe if she meditated for about an hour before going to bed…it may stop her from getting up during the night repeatedly…

I used to meditate regularly before bed. It is very relaxing and helps me fall asleep, however it didn’t solve the multiple wake-up problem :frowning: Thank you for trying to help though!

Oh ok…but maybe I should have been more specific my friend…you see simply sitting down in a lotus postion facing eastward is simply not enough no no!! I hope you did not do it the way you have seen on t.v. or in a book!..Anyway this will have to work cause other than that you are ONLY going to have sleeping meds left to take and if your body gets immune to that …well you know. Anyways in short since you are a beginner 1.sit with your back against the wall indian style (regular crosslegged) cause lotus position can stop or slow blood flow breaking purpose.2.put a small pillow under tailbone to prevent slowing of blood circulation cause it can also break meditation.3.Now rest head gently against wall=you also can put YOUR gown or bath towel or veil over your entire head to keep you focused on sleep invocation (we are not trying to reach nirvana…lol!!).4.Now once that is done…place your tongue to the upper palate of your mouth (tip of tongue) so as not to produce an excess of saliva (which causes swallowing that can break meditation)…now if you try one hour this way-without NO ALCOHOLIC DRINKS that day or night …it should remedy the sleep awakening…not an over the night fix…must be practiced till NOT needed…it is simply to reset your sleep pattern back to normal…when your body becomes accustomed to something …it either ADAPTS or RESETS itself!! This is a fact. So your meditation technique this time is to FORCE your body to ADAPT=to what you want it to do(which in this case is sleep) or RESET itself which means you will go back to how you used to sleep (win win)…now my friend Anna…the ONLY way this will NOT work is if you =Do drugs-Stay drinking-Constantly have people around you (they induce talking and ambient noise/white noise) which can break sleep patterns…or you sleep walk or you have NIGHT TERRORS…other than that the way I showed you if practiced will work…thanks for reading

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I haven’;t had a decent night’s sleep in five days. I spend half the night laying awake painfully aware with my cat laying beside me. I move from the couch to the bed, put on the air conditioner for cool air and white noise. I know the doctor I’m seeing (they are so dishonest and double crossing with thier constant mind games on people who are suffering enough as it is) has now made my clonazepam prescrition something I have to beg for and left me to figure out that I need to call the receptionist at his office to get it refilled if I’m lucky. I didn’t ask for knlonpin, in fact I was originally offered Xanax and turned it down saying this was too heavy. But hey, anyway I can be abused, I ran out of a script a few days early a few months ago and now I’m treated like an addict of something that has no noticable effect on me and it’s something I didn’t even ask for.

So I’m laying awake at night paying for something my previous doctor thought of putting me back on, dealing with the weight of an insane world that can’t be made sense of that in text book form I could probably demonstrate my broad understanding of the gist of the history of this world. Does that matter? No, it does not, I think I knew that and didn’t care back when the world I despised made logical sense.

I don’t know, I’m suffering, I know they want me to break but as someone who got one hours sleep a night for four months and managed to avoid an attempt at state commitment, I’m not going to, I’m just going to squirm, suffer and probably drink too much to cope with this. The past two mornings I’ve reduced myself to drinking beer in the morning due to my inexcplicable bout of insomnia concurring with my doctors will to have me off and on benzos throughout the month.

Well it would help if I knew if you were male or female…because the way they react to meds and situations in life…but no matter friend…I feel your pain…I have been beyond …like holding a mirror in front of a mirror…like pink floyd…on the darkside of the moon…lol only if people really knew what they were talking about…anyways I think your problem is simple my friend…as soon as you get up in the morning (if you are male) hit the floor and do 10-20 push ups then sit down…you will probably be breathing fast and deeply and have an INSANE pulsation happening to you to where you dont know if you want to puke or drink water…cause you will be thirsty (if you are female then in the morning stand straight feet together and do dips with hands on top of head) if you cannot balance yourself then stand with back next to wall…30 reps of 10
Now at 12:00pm or sometime highnoon-midday but BEFORE 6pm…Go somewhere and run while running count every second step as a number (step=skip,step1-step=skip step 2 and so forth) run slow or fast this will FORCE your mind to recognize that it MUST work with your body and that is NOT a body of its own (drinking alcohol seperates body from mind…hence the effect of getting buzzed) Now you must do your running until you reach 100 count on the second step like I showed you above…trust me buddy when you do what I just told you…not only will you clean yourself out…but you will want to lay down and go to sleep immediately. If you puke because of pushing yourself…heat up some water and sip from the cup slowly but completely so as to heat the stomach back 98 degrees and open it back up …cause when you puke your stomach shrinks and gets cold or drops in temperature …ok see ya

Forgive me @Anna I have forgotten which AP you are on. Is it quite an activating one?

I ask because when I first started depixol I had a real bad time waking multiple times through the night. I explained this to my doc and he added seroquel before bed. Sorted everything out.

Hope this helps.

Abilify. It’s very activating for me. Luckily that crazy buzz I had just had has worn off.

I wish I had seroquel, I used to take it for sleep and complained about side effects (mainly knocking me out) but having endured five days of insomnia after months of normal sleep I long for something like seroquel, but don’t want something added to the several meds I’m already on. Just saying it works for me if sleep is the goal.

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