Dont u wish

You could just lie in bed and sleep forever and never wake up


That’s the kind of thing I think about when i’m depressed and suicidal. Are you ok?

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That’s what I think too.
I have no motivation to wake up.
It will be another day of suffering.

Nah, my night terrors aRe too intense. Sleep fuuucks me up

Think about that all the time, wish I could stop working and do nothing the rest of my life

If you meditate 20minutes daily for a year
After that
1 hours daily for another year
After that
2 hours daily for 6 month
3 hour for 6 months
And so on until you reach 5-6 hours a day

Bad idea to start with more then 10 minutes in a session. Most people who had meditation induce psychosis were at retreats where they’re heavily meditation or they were doing guided meditation HEAVILY. That means more then 2 hour a day.

10 minutes a session. 2 sessions a day for a year then gradually do more until you’ve became enlighten.

You should try it. Especially cause you’re off meds.

One try can’t hurt. If it does you know to avoid it.

If it’s helping. You got nothing to loose

Well no but when I wake up after 8 hours I often don’t feel like facing another day of voices so I stay on the bed. The voices are usually gone for awhile upon waking, so I can comfortably fall back asleep. This is very different from initially getting to sleep, which is almost impossible sometimes because of the voices. I end up spending 10-12 hours asleep because of this.

Are you on meds, since the voices are still with all day, just wondering

I’m on the Depakote 1000 per day for mood, and 20 milligram zyprexa once a day. I probably need a higher dose of the zyprexa, sometimes it eliminates them for an hour or two after taking it but they come back after awhile.

I’m on abilify 10 mg (I’m just 16) so they are still there just not as often

I used to wish it when I was depressed @anon97118089 but now I’m doing very well and started rising early and staying up and now I wish I didn’t need any sleep at all! I love the night and the early morning the most and wish to be awake as long as possible and I hate sleeping in the day unless I’m ill, so I am aiming at the minimum amount of sleep needed which is about six hours


I want to sleep for a long time its just comfortable in my bed but I have family to look after i would be scared if that happened…

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