To all the smokers on the forum

Please stop smoking.


I vape but don’t smoke. I vape bcz I am bored but will quit once I am busy.


I also vape. 1515151515

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I gave up in July after four months of smoking. Vape naysh y’all.

I wish I could quit

no i won’t stop, thanks

vape life 151515151515

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I took up vaping a couple years back, really enjoyed it. Cardiologist said no to that as well and took it away. Pretty sure his sole reason for existing is to suck all of the joy out of my life.


Honestly? I think cigarettes are probably better than vapes. And I’m thinking of it medically. Lol

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I did vaping for half a year and got back to smoking tobacco. Vaping is kind of a thing for younger people. Is more a cool thing than tobacco. I surely will never pick it up again. Cigarettes have so much negative things. But I prefer a real thing than a childish lifestyle device.

I mixed my own vape juice back then with 9 or 12 mg of nicotine. I saved so much money compared to smoking tobacco. This money was spend on new vaping devices or coils.

While I’m willing to die, smoking tobacco is a nice ad to an unhealthy lifestyle. So I’m rolling some now.

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