Tired, need a remedy


anyone got any remedies for tiredness, i am so tired.
i do not mean energy drinks, sugar…but something that will give a natural lift.
i eat protein , healthy food, drink lots of water , don’t take meds .
just can not get enough sleep, and even if i do i am still so tired all the time.
so any suggestions are welcome, thank you.
take care.


Accept it…


It helps me because it’s happened to me naturally, but something that I’ve often heard recommended is to work on developing a regular sleep schedule.

Also I’ve heard and believe that worry causes fatigue. My favorite night-time quote is from Bertrand Russell:

        "The wise man thinks about his toubles only when there is some purpose in doing so.  At other times he thinks about other things.  And at nighttime he thinks about nothing at all."

I hate to hear of you suffering from this fatigue. Your spirited attitude and out-of-the-box sense of humor have cracked me up so many times.

Good luck with this.


Maybe you could try Trazodone and Benadryl for sleep. That’s what I take. I sleep a lot, but I don’t feel tired during the day.


Ginseng and green tea are good for a natural energy boost.


Do you snore? You might want to be tested for sleep apnea if you do. You will get sleep and not feel rested. Maybe one of those mouth pieces for snoring.


Dear darksith,

I feel tired all the time and need a lot of sleep too. I read somewhere a lot of people with sz feel tightness and body-sore. I used to find body massage helpful. Stretching exercise is very nice too since it costs nothing and the effect is great. Once your body is less tight, you will feel wonderful. I will make myself do it.


I’ve been trying to give this one some constructive thought. I know you keep things natural. Have your tried something for relaxation before you go to bed so you might sleep better? For me, I find I go for a walk or a swim and as Goggles says too… stretch when I’m getting up so I can sort of wake up with a little more energy. (granted my results are skewed since I’m a coffee drinker)

I know if I eat right before bed, I’m too energetic to sleep well, but a cup of herbal tea will help slow the brain down.

I have to admit… there were times I tried meditation before bed and that really helped me fall asleep.


I’ve been taking ginkgo and vitamin B12 in the mornings. The combo wakes me up very quickly and makes me feel very alert and energized for the day.

Hope this helps!




Magnesium improves sleep quality a lot, you can get it as a supplement, or eat lots of raw spinach as Im currently doing.


thanks guys for the responses,
i am going down to my ’ big city health food store ’ , well that is a slight exageration ! to get the things that you all have suggested . i appreciate your help .
( nighty night dark sith, sssshhhhhh, dark sith curls up with his furr less teddy bear , dark dreams dark sith ! )
take care


I’m very interested in answers here as i am looking for something similar.


The best remedy for fatigue is to cut down on sugar. Sugar feeds an intestinal yeast that wears out people’s energy.


i would consult my doctor and ask him/her, they are the professionals and they may be able to put you on some sort of diet plan or reduce your dose of med etc,

i found that when i was on my old med it would kill my energy levels, luckily i found a med that was brilliant at a low dose and did not effect my energy levels,

i did try some supplements tho to try and help me lose weight but that is it and of course cutting down portion sizes and eating more healthily but that was more to do with weight than energy.