Tired all the time

I get a good night’s sleep and lie down during the day however I still feel tired. Is this the schizophrenia or the medication ? Do you feel tired all throughout the day?


Could be either or both. What medication are you on, some medications are known to cause more drowsiness than others.

No I don’t

But I feel as if my brain is blown up so find it difficult to perform daily tasks

I’m on abilify 10 mg a day

I’m tired too :frowning:

prob a combination of the sz and the meds i’d say.

Could be one of them or both. I think it is a common problem. My attention span is reduced also after I got sick. Sometimes I can’t watch through a whole movie, I just have to stop and lie down on the sofa to give myself a break.

I’m on abilify 10mg too. Some days are indeed wasted lying on the bed or couch despite a good sleep the night before. I am also confused as to why this happens. Before this I used to have strong negative symptoms which are now alleviated. I can motivate myself to do stuff but the mental energy is lacking. I also doze off in the afternoon.

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Abilify, the sleeping your life away drug.

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It’s probably the meds. I get that too on Abilify. I think it can cause both insomnia AND sleepiness. I often end up taking a nap nowadays during the day because I get so tired.


I’ve been tired for four years now. It’s lack of energy due to too much of a sedentary lifestyle. It’s also probably partly the meds fault, stress and schizophrenia.

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This is probably a contributing factor to mine as well.

Its defenitly the meds when I got off meds I was hanging out with friends and working 12 hr shifts but of course I relapsed now that I’m back on meds I dont do anything and never leave the house

Yes. I am tired much of the time during the day. It’s usually not so bad at night.

I think likely abilify is contributing.

I think stress can also increase tiredness.

I’m under a lot of stress at the moment… Slept 15 hours so far today and still tired

You guys complaining about 10mg Abilify lol
My negative symptoms were a lot better on 20mg Abilify than now on 6mg Risperdal. On 20mg Abilify I went to the gym and hanged out with friends daily, even had some short term jobs. Now on 6mg Risperdal I spend lots of time in bed or on the couch. I can still play video games with friends daily though and my friends call me everyday but rarely they pick me up to hangout or I pick them up.

I still hope that Rexulti doesnt cause the same side effects as Abilify, I see my pdoc 28 August. Also that Vraylar and Caplyta become available here. I am asking for Strattera too.

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I think it’s probably the medication.

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Its not only the meds, its also the sz, i had some negative and cognitive symptoms off meds still. Stopped meds for 2yrs.

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Thank you for clearing it up.