Abilify and tiredness

This tiredness got me thinking. Is it the tiredness from the meds or is it a result of coming down from mania. Cos Abilify never made me this tired. It was activating.

Even when I got on my first antipsychotic respiradal I was tired all the time. :confused:

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No one has replied to you, so bump :stuck_out_tongue:

You must be lucky, I found it kept me awake and I didn’t sleep much on it.

I’m thinking clarify of language and fatigued?

lol I’m also thinking I’m losing my touch. This is Abilify.

I couldn’t feel anything on abilify. But perphenazine is driving me up the wall.

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Aripiprazole is usually sedating at higher doses. My 20mg morning dose knocks me the heck out.

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I’m on 5mg I’m not feeling tired this morning thank god.