Tired all the time

A few months ago I was feeling pretty tired all the time and had back and neck pain. I was given booster doses of vit d because it was pretty low (23-24) and I must admit it did help… A LOT. No more back pain or tiredness. I finished my course of prescribed vit d two weeks ago. And now I’m back to square one :frowning: Don’t know what else to do but I have taken two days of work (going back tomorrow) and had a blood test too. She suspects it is depression but I do not feel depressed. I feel tired all the time, have palpitations, feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and been extremely moody…

even if you don’t feel depressed, it does sound like you might get some benefit from just talking to someone about this… unload some of that weight. Talking to someone might uncover some different ideas for you.

Could you get a supplement on your own with vit d? Maybe talk to a pharmacist about the best ones to take. I used to be really low B12 and even when I got my levels up my doctor told me to keep taking it that I can’t have too much of it.

Ish I was depressed for the longest time, and did not even know for sure, but I suspected it. I was confusing it with negative symptoms, which I have too. I felt sluggish also and moody - you could very well be depressed

It can be side effect of your med too cause on many meds I had a feeling like you.

Don’t forget to consider thyroid malfunction. My dad had it, and he’d just go home and sleep. Ever since his thyroid meds he’s got energy to do what he wants again.

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I did have blood tests, everything came back normal. Just waiting for my Vit D blood test results.

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I had 2 weeks ago vitamin D level blood test. My level was 30. The doctor prescribed high levels of vitamin D also I stop my meds absolutely 2 weeks ago. I don’t feel any changes I still feel tired a specially pain in my legs like rheumatism is so bad. Moreover fatigue is so huge that I have a problem with walking small distances. I experiencing this symptoms since my first psychosis over 3 years time. I don’t know why? Is anybody here with the same problems ?

you do need to speak to your dr @jo35 and i don’t mean just a psychiatrist. Yes I have pain in my neck and back but only when I am tired. I discovered that yesterday when I ate the tiredness, low mood disappeared so my problem is i’m not eating when I should and I having big gaps between meals. I just don’t remember to eat. I am going to speak to someone on Monday I cannot go on like this. I’ve lost my appetite and although I’m big this is not very healthy at all.

The psychiatrist couldn’t help me. He was thinking that when I stop meds everything will be fine. But is not.
GP she is trying hard I already had hormonal check blood test.
I come back to small dosage of meds because I feel better. I don’t know what is going on with me but when I stop meds I was feeling after 2 weeks like depressed, more tired, very sensitive for sound (makes me jump) and sensitive for anything around. I started worrying.
It looks like I never manage stop meds. Is already over a year when I trying.