Tired all the time


I’m on average dose, nothing too much

6mg of Invega, and the others

something gets me outta bed though.

Tired all the time

Me too, I just feel so lethargic sometimes.

We’ll make it through

I’m barely on anything though just 5mg aripiprazole

Maybe it’s us lovely forum people
but it’s nice to have u on the forum


I don’t have energy either


thanks for your reply

I’m sure I’ll muster through.


I have noticed that I am tired when I do not exercise. Tomorrow I’ll exercise a lot again. I’ll go and ride my bicycle in the snow and have my walks and other exercising movements. I try to lose some weight that I have gained during this winter.


yeah, exercise really helps, thanks.

Good luck on your missions, be careful.


same here, I notice that too.
Exercise seems to wake me up a bit.


I need to exercise more
I can get out of bed but the trouble is being productive all day


I’m tired all day long too.
I’m not on a heavy dose of meds either.

I have a difficult time exercising.
I don’t know what to do.


Maybe we need energy drinks or pills

Phil takes them.

I hate the thought of that though.


Maybe your vitamin d levels are low. That can really effect your energy.


i’ve been out all day, i’m glad i had secondhand takeaway leftovers bc i just couldnt make anything or get anything, i’'m winding down from a hard day and i have piano lessons at 6pm :slight_smile:


I find that when I am depressed I often feel fatigued a lot. When the depression passes it tends to go away though, so I am glad for that.


I think it might be the melatonin I take in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

Phil says that’s why he doesn’t take it. all groggy the next morning.


I’ve heard a lot of people take melatonin. I’ve tried it but it didn’t do much for me. They even gave it to me in the hospital and I just laid there awake. Maybe I wasn’t taking a high enough dose. I don’t know.


I think it helps to take with food, maybe, not sure.

seems to help me sleep, but still dragging the next day.


I am tired all the time, even though i get 8 hours of sleep a day. Is there any medication that my family doctor can give me to wake me up. It has to be more powerful then GYM Pre work out supplement that i am currently using (very powerful stuff)


Maybe you need a better bed/pillow, or you have sleep apnea which reduces sleep quality a lot.
Also, smoking can make us pretty tired too.


I just posted this exact thing yesterday

are you on the forum, or read it?

I wonder if any will respond, it’s redundant.


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