Tired of being tired what else is new

I am so sick of having no energy. This morning I took my narcolepsy med, I drank coffee and I am still struggling not to fall asleep right now. I slept 11 HOURS last night. And I am still this tired. I am supposed to be cleaning up and packing for our new apartment and it feels like trying to drive a car that’s out of gas. I just can’t get my body moving. It is very stressful and overwhelming.


Lately I sleep 14 hours

Check vitamin d and thyroid levels. if these are not in optimal can experience energy issues.

I just recently had my risperidone dose increased back to 4mg from 3mg and I am wiped out!

I feel so ■■■■■■■ tired and drained!

I have to talk to her about it again.

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I have a million things that may be contributing to my low energy levels. My narcolepsy is a big one. Mental illness. Poor diet. Insulin resistance. Low vitamin D (I am on supplements though and have been taking them a while now so I may not be low anymore). Mild hypothyroidism. Almost all my meds can cause fatigue.

Honestly its amazing I can function at all with all I have going on.

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Stay strong @Anna and hope things will all get better for you soon

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Vitamin D, B12, thyroid need to be in optimal ranges to feel energetic. I’ll quote the optimal ranges.

25-Hydroxy Vitamin D: 50 to 80
Vitamin b12: above 500
Thyroid (TSH): around 1.0. Anything above 2.0 is not optimal and symptoms persists.

There might be other issues which might be contributing to tiredness but make sure these are in optimal ranges and its very easy to correct too.

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