Tired all the time

I am tired all the time, my sleep is off. I am done with this.
Not all is doom and gloom lost 20 kg in a year and am now a healthy weight.

I really want to work but i have 0 energy except a little bit of training everyday.


Great work!

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I don’t feel tired all the time, but today I do.

I hate feeling so tired. I hope it’s better in a few days.

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Those are some of the aspects of the illness, feeling tired and sleep problems (like difficulty in the morning). Some of my strategy is to get more sleep and to drink a cup of coffee or tea. It’s not so easy, though.
That’s great about the weight loss.


I take hydroxizine every night for sleep. I take 50mg and it knocks me out for 12 hours and I take naps after I wake up but at least I’m up somewhat during the day which is vital for many of my symptoms because when I’m up all night and I’m tired for my appointments, I find that it feeds my anxiety and paranoia.

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I drink like 4 cups of black coffee a day.
Im scared that i will never be able to fully work due to tiredness and sleep problems

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