I’m always so tired

I can’t do anything, I’m always so tired. Sometimes I don’t even have the energy to read, talk to people, or get out of bed. It’s kind of pathetic and I feel so lazy and useless.


I’m sleepy a lot nowadays. And it’s such gorgeous weather outside which I am not enjoying to it’s fullest potential. I understand :frowning:


What’s meds do you take?

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I don’t have anything to say that could help you get more energy I can only tell you I felt the same way for quite awhile when I was younger but I made it through that and came out the other end. I’ve been working for years and I’ve been at my current janitors job for years. Schizophrenia and my meds don’t make me tired per se, it’s just my age (57) that makes me tired.

I wish I knew, all the names sound the same. My mom keeps track of everything for me :laughing:

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Excercise is Very important in mental health

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that is not nice. I myself also suffer from a feeling of fatigue and slowness. The psychiatrist and I have spoken about it and I have been prescribed ritalin. Now things are going better. But I try to take as low a dose as possible because of the risk of psychosis.


I built up a tolerance to my Vyvanse and was prescribed Adderall a month ago 25mg then up to 30 mg it doesn’t work for me…It makes me angry, paranoid, and way more irritatable. This is my last month on it if there is no change. I def do not see the perks of Adderall that everyone brags about

I also find the mood swings of ritalin annoying. But at least I feel reasonable for half the day. That I often take the alcohol or oxazepam in the evening is indeed not good.

But sometimes you have to water with the wine. You can not expect to feel really good. Every medicine has its side effects.

I must tell you that ritalin does add something to my quality of life. But it is not that I can now function full-time and have no problems at all.

It is difficult to find the ideal medication combination once you have finally reached psychiatry.

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Feels like a fog when awake.


I get where you’re coming from! I felt tired all the time at graduate school. That’s how I knew i wasn’t really happy with what I was doing, aside from the crippling anxiety, lol.

All I can suggest is getting plenty of sleep on the weekends and doing stuff like getting into a good sleep rhythm. I find consistency has helped me a bit.


Talk it over with your Mom and psychiatrist.
Maybe your doctor can adjust your meds if need be.

I recently had both my meds lowered and now I have a bit more energy.


It’s counter-intuitive, but when you’re tired the thing to do is exercise, not go back to bed.

I usually get on my bike kicking and screaming.


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