Tips on how to be successful at the college life?

I’m starting my course one week from now. In the past I always dropped out but I was a heavy marijuana smoker. I just got to look at the list of students in my class and felt a little rush of stress. I really want to finish it this time around, how can one put all chances at his side for completing a degree?

I just cleared my desk and will be bringing it down for pick-up by the trash guys tonight. I need a new desk and computer. I feel I might not be able to juggle everything and be good in attendance. I hope it goes right this time around.

Any tips welcome for managing time, assignments etc.


I was pretty terrible at the college thing.

Perhaps you can find a good app that has a to do list that can be edited on the fly. You can add things and take them off when they are done. You can note when they have to be done. When you have down moments you just check the list and it would give you direction. When the list is empty you can relax.

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Good idea. Thanks.

You sound like you’re ready. It’ll probably be hard work, but it’ll be fulfilling as well.

I hope to God everything goes right. I’m gonna put my life on standby for the next two years and focus 100% on it.


Don’t wait until the last minute to get what you need for your class. Find out what the teacher requires you to have in order to do this class and get it as soon as possible. And don’t wait until the last minute to do your assignments. Plan ahead and make time for studying and doing your assignments.

Yes, school will be a LOT different without marijuana, in a good way. Don’t stress about the people; they are just people. I went back to community college when I was 30. In certain classes I found the other people to be friendly. In other classes only one or two people talked to me. In either of those situations it didn’t bother me.

I would make one suggestion though. Most schools have a cafeteria or student lounge. I would offer the suggestion to find it and visit it, it’s fun to relax and be around other people in that situation. I think people will leave you alone in there and you can mingle with fellow students without having to talk.

But yeah, it is important that you keep up in your assignments and don’t fall behind.

Oh yeah, one last piece of friendly advice: try to be clean and dress well. Good luck and have fun!


Haha, I’m obsessed with smelling good and my mom took me shopping for new clothes not long ago. My cat had peed on a backpack in the past and that made me very paranoid in public.

Thanks for all the advice, you are right, I need to set up my computer as soon as possible so I can work from home, if it takes a bit of time I assume I could use the lab in the meantime.

I am a bit worried about how to handle relationships with other students but as time goes on that seemed to be the least of my worries in the past.

Thanks again Nick, that’s some thoughtful advice right there.

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The last four years been attending college and passed each course
Yes I did feel a lot anxiety but I was determind
I have used walking before college helps or some exercise
Breathing and mindfulness helps
Repeating positive affirmations

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I never completed my studies but I feel I know more about how to do it now. First of all, it’s good you quit smoking weed. Easier to get stuff done. But if you’re anything like me you will never get anything done anyway if you are stressed all the time. So the most important thing you can do is to avoid stress and cope well with the stress that you can’t avoid. I find writing things down (everything!) in an organized fashion, so I don’t have to remember things, greatly reduces stress. And you need to do things so you don’t get depressed. That leads to a negative spiral of stress and demotivation. Maybe make sure you stay in touch with friends, get fresh air every day, exercise, stuff like that. But don’t try to do too much at once, so keep it realistic. Do what works for you.

For me, reading for longer periods is difficult now. And you really need to have discipline to stay motivated day after day, year after year. Remember how much you want this, and try to enjoy learning new things. Learn how to study well - this will save you a lot of time. Don’t read when you can’t focus anymore, you will end up reading the same paragraph so many times that you lose all motivation. Don’t give up! You can do it!! :grinning:

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Oh yeah I almost forgot. Make a study plan. Figure out how much you need to read at the start of each semester and when your exam dates are, then make a plan where you decide how much to read each day so you get enough time to prepare for your exams.

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Thank you @Treebeard and @shellys12. I’ll try to apply what you shared!

if I were to do college again, I’d forget about other students altogether (socially that is) Id just focus on y studies. Sure in truth surveys have shown most students find college awkward (85% of students). ANway ekoms, youre a mature student and an asset here on the forums.

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How nice of you @karl. I figured if millions of students can do it then so can I. I feel what was holding me back was my drug habit, now free of it, it should be a smoother ride!

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I don’t mean to brag but it is true that I am a very good student.

Fall in love with what you study and hand your life over. Sell your soul.

But do sell it, don’t just give it away, get something back for it.

And surrender your desires they are not going to help you get that degree with a high GPA.

It sucks. But if you study things that you love, it’s not bad, just time consuming.

I say it sucks because here in the U.S. we have to take tons of stupid classes that no one cares about and have nothing to do with your major.

But I love the psychology classes. Not even work to me, more like a privilege.

Some say that they’ve never worked a day in their life since prerequisite and elective classes because they love their graduate studies and professions.

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That’s incredibly insightful @mortimermouse. :yum:

In my classes there is only one I’m not looking forward to and that’s “Game Design and Development (non-digital)”. It’s basically making board and card games, I’ve done that in the past and would rather stick to computer stuff…

I’ve learned my lesson that dropping out only leads to feelings of failure and regret, not to mention wasted time and no advancement in life. If I want to get somewhere and stop stagnating, there are some sacrifices worth making… I’m tired of having no money and being dependent on my parents.

I want to travel, I want to be financially free and make the right choices, and I’m beginning to understand that a good education is the best way towards attaining that goal!

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You sound motivated. That’s good. Fortunately for you, computer science is not political like advanced psychology is. I mean there are classes you pass, not both classes to pass and people to please.

Whatever it takes, within reason.

You seem reasonable.

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i take lots of breaks, deep breaths to de-stress when needed, medication, ask for help if you need it, no pressure,

i just try and wing it now, instead of thinking about it and stressing i just say ‘whatever will be will be’ and just deal with it as it comes, i think its a lot easier that way, one thing at a time,

i say this but i am also a bit worried but i am just going to try and see what happens ‘que sera sera’ i have anxiety but i just say i’ll try it and hope for the best because if i dont try it then i will never know if i can do it or not and its what i want to do as well.

hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

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It does help @daydreamer. I’m a big believer in mindfulness, and as I read your post, I found myself smiling being overwhelmed by the positive support I got from this thread and on the forums in general.

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I’m starting college too but i have to get a student loan. the course costs 8000.

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Hi, good luck. I am a full time employee and I work 9.5 hours a day. Making friends with collegues was an easy thing. Don’t worry about that. Be on time and attend all your classes, study well and let success take care of itself.

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