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Do you have it? I do. I have a delusion about it, even though I’m aware it’s a delusion. So I guess it’s not a delusion, but you know what I mean. I have ideas about it. It has to do with me feeling like supernatural entities in my head are trying to make me hallucinate. I know that doesn’t make any sense. I know the voices are just a product of my mind, wayward thoughts I call them, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying. Like, what if I’m wrong and I’m actually not psychotic but am having a supernatural affliction. I know I can’t afford to think like that, but it stays in the back of my mind.

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I have tinnitus, it’s just a low volume ringing in my left ear. It comes and goes and I notice it most at bed time with no competing noise.

It’s pretty much separate from the other symptoms you are listing… at least I don’t see how they are connected.


Yeah, tinnitus is just a persistent wishing or ringing sound in your ears. If you’ve ever gone to a very loud concert, and the next day your ears were ringing, that’s tinnitus. It has nothing to do with delusions, or with hearing voices.

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@agent101g @ninjastar

What I meant is that I attached a meaning to the tinnitus, I thought it was the beings and my thoughts trying to escape my mind. I had tinnitus and became delusional about it. Right now I try to ignore those delusional thoughts and tell myself it’s tinnitus and not a supernatural force trying to make me hallucinate.

I’m sorry you have delusions about it. Just remember, it’s a physical problem caused by damage to the inner ear. Nothing supernatural about it at all.

My husband got it from working with loud machinery at his old job.

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Thank you. I talked to my mom about it too. She says it runs in our family. I didn’t know it could be a genetic thing. Maybe we all just happened to damage our inner ears. Maybe it’s always been there, but then I noticed it more when I was listening waiting for the supernatural force in my mind to induce hallucinations. I thought the antipsychotics were making it happen less often, but maybe I just notice it less. I’m trying to tell myself that nothing supernatural is going on. The tinnitus, the intrusive thoughts, the voices, they can all be explained without delving into the supernatural. I’ll try to believe that.

I GET IT TOO. If I put up a fight to ignore what the voices demand, in comes the tinnitus.

So everyone who gets it, please tell us so.

I find it interesting that it seems to apply mostly to schizophreniacs.

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That sucks so much. My voices are really just thoughts, and at first I thought they were beings and that they were controlling the tinnitus, but now I don’t think that. I’m struggling to believe that nothing supernatural is causing my problems, including tinnitus.

Certain medications can lessen the severity of tinnitus. I know amitriptyline is prescribed for severe cases. I don’t know why it works.

Genetics makes sense. Certain people might have structural weaknesses in their ears that are more prone to damage.

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Now that’s interesting. I wonder why that is the case. Is there a test the doctors can do to see if you have inner ear damage? I need proof. That said, I didn’t need much proof for my crazy theories. I hold onto my psychosis because part of me still believes it could be part of a spiritual awakening. I know that’s really stupid. I’ve got to try and get over it. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life going in and out of mental hospitals. I want to change the world. I want to be remembered. I can’t do that if I’m caught between the real world and the world inside my mind. But what if it is part of a spiritual awakening? That would be important too. My mind says I am special. I think that’s true. But maybe I’m special in the sense that there’s only one me. In that sense, everyone is special, and I’m no different, no greater.

I got tinnitus after having a really bad flu, and it never went away. 20 years later, I have heard it’s actually neurological damage.

So IDK but it’s super annoying and it gets better and worse but never really goes away.


I assumed mine was from ten years of blasting my head phones at max volume with music like 2 hours a day.

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There are many causes of tinnitus from what I’ve read. I didn’t really notice it until my psychotic symptoms worsened about a year ago, but like I said, I was hyperfocused on my ears because I thought the beings would escape my mind through my ears and cause hallucinations. It’s fascinating, really, how you can hear so many different sounds from something like hearing loss. It’s crazy. My mind attaches meaning to it, making me think the wall is breaking, but I know that doesn’t make sense. Anyway, thanks for your replies.

I have it and I understand how you think it could be supernatural as mine sometimes seems unnatural, especially when I here my watch ticking at the same time as my earing ringing.

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hey fif good to see you round :slight_smile: yea i actually do have it all the time. It gets worse when my blood sugar is low and when my iron is low i think. Basically when some part of your ear (i forget which) doesnt get proper blood/nutrient supply, you start to hear ringing. So for example when you get an ear-infection your ears ring too because theres an infection and that part of the ear is taxed. Thats how i think it works anyways.

also take this into account:

“Up to 90% of people with tinnitus have some level of noise-induced hearing loss”

may be cause by loud music in headphones??

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I don’t know exactly what causes my tinnitus, but I must remember that the problem is likely physical. Maybe. From what I can tell, I don’t have any hearing loss, but maybe it’s slight. I also wonder if maybe it’s my brain playing tricks on me, like I’m subconsciously expecting to hear something, so I do. I don’t know how this works. I need to calm down and stop stressing over things. I’m always looking for an answer in the supeenatural, but as hard as it is I have to stop that. It makes me sick.

I don’t have tinnitus but I hear bells sometimes

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Tinnitus is so annoying and, for me, stressful. Sometimes I can’t tell if something is tinnitus or a real sound. I hear ringing, static, mumbling, whispering, and a faint crowd cheering. I don’t hear the mumbling, whispering, or cheering that often anymore, and the ringing and static are usually lessened by my antipsychotic. That said, yesterday the tinnitus was pretty bad. Today it’s better than it was yesterday, but it’s still pretty bad. I’m hearing all kinds of sounds; beeping, sirens, etc., but they are faint and, like my voices, they sound like they’re coming from inside my ear or they sound like thoughts.

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