Frequenties in ear and seeing intuitively things that correlate to thoughts

Hi guys,

I am just very curious if there is anyone out there hearing frequenties in ears that seem to respond to thought but also just appear while doing something. Also I have intuitive visions when I think a certain thought or when I do something, I cannot but see dead plants or green plants depending on what I am doing or thinking it seems. As if indicating positive or negative. I would love to talk with anyone going through a similar experience. It could be my fear or it could be something greater trying to guide me. My feeling says it could be a mixture of both. However there is also my fear involved which complicates the reading of these messages…I also see angel numbers and now for a while they have been instructing me not to eat while at my parents place. It seems weird but I do get guilty feelings when I do eat. I hope there is anyone with a similar experience ? I am kind of desperate and have been seeking treatment but I don’t feel secure with that as also the signals seem to advice me otherwise. Besides the medical doctors have no clue what is happening as medication is not helping to make the signals go away. I hope this makes sense and I hope to find someone who has experience with this :slight_smile: thank you in any case for reading! Best, Ella

When I was off of medication for 5 months, it got to the point where I could look at words and the voices in my head, one in perticular, would read them, cars would talk to me, and trying to work out what it all meant was and still can be… A headache.

Frequencies or frequencies I still get, but it is actually in my own view, tinnitus that rings in my ear that worsens at certain stress levels.

Coincidences happens a lot, with psychotic disturbances you can give them a lot of credence and I have experienced this also. Its perfectly normal for everyone to experience coincidences, but if you look for signs, you’ll no doubt find them.


The “divine coincidence” (ideas of reference) thing happened less and less as my treatment and supplementation progressed. When I’m calm it pretty much doesn’t happen, but when my brain feels inflamed it happens more.

I notice the triple six and 616 in places, and am still paranoid about it, but not as much anymore. It’s just randomness when it appears, and only means what you want it to. I don’t want it to mean anything, so I try to ignore it now. Seems to be working.

If these “angel numbers” are for some reason telling you to distrust your parents, you should seriously re-evaluate the logic behind them.

Right if you look you will find is also my experience… whether true or not. The mind can trick you. Thanks! Still there are times I am not looking and I see but maybe it would need time…? Or maybe that is where it gets mixed. If I really am not trying to look, then the message is clear but when I am looking, the brain comes in and can make everything seem like something it isn’t… thank you in any case!

I get this too, but it’s more OCD related. Try to not focus on it.

Memory linkage from past events surely can occur. Like a story of delusion that is added to, your brain might be building a picture as a want to make something. Have you tried art work as an outlet?

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