Does anyone else experience this?

It’s so creepy. When I’m trying to sleep sounds will suddenly sound like they are right next to my ear. So when my rats run on their wheel it’s as though they’re doing it right next to me instead of across the room. This has scared the crap out of me before when my roommate was whispering in her sleep and I heard it as if someone was whispering in my ear. It’s like when I’m half asleep my ears “zoom in” on sound.

No, but I hear people approving of me learning about Rexulti right now.

Huh so like you hear voices saying you’re doing well?

Personally I can’t fully tell if the demons want me on or off antipsychotics. Buh…it’s hard because whatever they want I’ve got to do the opposite

That would happened to me if I smoked too much weed.

What on earth. My brain is high all the time and I don’t even touch drugs. My hallucinations are all completely trippy as well ;_;

I have that all the time @Anna especially at night laying down. I don’t know if it is part of sz or an ear problem. I have been to so many doctors and have so many diagnosis who knows - for me it is from hyperacusis and tinnitus.

I have tinnitus but I’m not sure about the other thing. Ahh so many mysteries in life. My biggest hope is when you die everything gets revealed to you.

if you have long-term tinnitus then you probably developed hyperacusis as well - that’s were the amplification of sound come in from. Mine happened after the car accident, I have some ear damage on the right side. It can be from different things though like ear infection or could be lt-permanent going towards hearing loss. I would get it checked out with an Otologist or Audiologist.

Interesting. And yeah I’ve had tinnitus for as long as I could remember. I never knew what it was it would just be this ringing or steady beep sound in my ears when everything was silent. Now I know though. Maybe I got it because as soon as the Walkman came out I started listening to music on blast and that was when I was like 8. Whoops.

here is a tinnitus sound mine are usually heartbeat sounds, blood flow and the loud jackhammer sound. I have gotten used to most night, but it gets aggravating with the heartbeat and then the hyperacusis which causes my insomnia most nights.
Tinnitus Simulation

When it first happened, I thought I was pregnant and hearing the babies heart in my ears…lol I wasn’t pregnant.

Oh yes I get the heartbeat too. It used to scare me as a child because I thought it was footsteps…

I got so much wrong with me I could start my own medical journal book.

My genetics professor once told us that the human genome was so full of recessive genetic mutations that it was a wonder any of us even existed much less functioned normally.

I just figure my genes will pass down a lot of immunity because of all my crap. I have so much and body seems to try to repair and fix fairly well so it will store that info in my genetics to prevent future issues down the line.

I used to get all kinds of distorted sounds, esp when people were talking. Sounds were much louder than they actually were. I’m now almost totally deaf in my right ear and have lost most of the hearing in my left ear. I’m glad of it because the world is a much too noisy place.