Tin foil hat is tempting

I need to wear one in order to stop the thought insertion by Lucifer and his assistant Louisa

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I see blood whenever I close my eyes

This is chaos, mayhem. (by the way, Mayhem is my favourite extreme metal band) lol

When I will be alone, when no one is around, I will try to wear one

Does it not bother you? I’m having a hard time not thinking you are either content of your situation or happy about it. Go to hospital, get checked out.

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I can’t go to the hospital. My folks are in work, and I’m home alone. I endure satanic thought insertion

Please go to the hospital because I think you really need to receive medical intervention.

It will help you to become stabilized.


How? I have tried 10 antipsychotics.
What else remains? Hospital meds will go against my psychiatrist’s instructions and prescription

I haven’t tried tin foil hat. I think now it’s the opportunity. I will check if it works or not.
I have doubts but I have nothing to lose

I just think that you’re having a lot of intrusive thoughts and I was worried about you.

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I have thought insertion.
I have thoughts that aren’t my own.
They come from Lucifer and Louisa.
They want me to be their instrument, their blind toy, executing works of hatred in the name of evil

I hear a voice named Lucifer too. He comes even on my meds

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I’m sorry…negative voices/thought insertions are tough.

Yes. I feel in the middle of two forces, each pushing towards its side.
I’m in the middle. Closing my eyes, I see blood.
My brain is in pain. I can’t stand it anymore.
I called my psychiatrist yesterday evening, he had no good mood, probably was sleeping. He said wait til the injection kicks in

Okay. Please let me know how you are feeling because voices are scary and I don’t want you to suffer.

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So he doesn’t understand the urgent nature of my symptoms. They need to be treated immediately

Thank you very much. No one understands

:heart: no problem! You got this. You are loved. You are cared for. Please hang in there.

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I have explained to my folks the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, but they don’t remember them. Lol.

You guys understand. That’s a relief