I think I found out I have schizophrenia today

Not exactly the kind of event you post on FB.
For the past few months, mostly after a horrible combination of drugs, I have been suffering fairly intensely from intrusive thoughts. They make me pretty uncomfortable with my own mind, which is slightly inconvenient. I have even gotten to the point where I truly want to die. To add to all that good fortune, I also truly believe that everyone can hear my intrusive thoughts, and are in some way or another completely weirded out by me. Sometimes I even think there could be an implant in my mind, which is fairly narcissistic, seeing as I am not exactly “important”.
I’ve ruined a good portion of my intimate relationships because of paranoia, and when I was younger I had a week long spell of hearing demonic voices, which I’m pretty sure scared the ■■■■ outta my parents.
Anywho, I was wondering if anybody could tell me about their experiences, or coping mechanisms. I’m trying to practice mindfulness, but it’s pretty hard for me to do so.
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Does this sound like SZ to any of you? Just wondering

Welcome @fractaleyes

It’s hard for any of us to say because none of us here are mental health practitioners.

The best thing you could do is find a psychiatrist and talk about all your concerns with them.


I’ve had similar experiences with having intrusive thoughts and believing others could see/hear them. That being said, it’s best to be under the care of a psychiatrist as they can prescribe the appropriate medication, and over time they give a diagnosis.

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Your symptoms could be PTSD, schizophrenia, some sort of poisoning, or even a brain tumour. You NEED to go to a doctor and have the proper tests done to rule out various causes for your symptoms – not much a bunch of Internet strangers can do in this regard.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Are U on a medication…!!!

yeah that’s good …a lot of people have benefited from it…
i prefer active meditation (osho) …which i am practicing daily …its’
been week…!!!

Welcome to the family…good luck child of the moon…walking in the sun hurts…theres lotsa good people here…im sure theres people your age…going through similar crap…

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Thanks. I reckon I’m a bit nervous I’ll lose my job or get locked up, but those are probably just delusions.

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Did those thoughts subside? I feel like people are judging me for them, when I don’t even wanna have them in the first place.

Thank you Pixel, I reckon you’re right. Do you have an idea of the proper type of practitioner to see?

No I’m not on medication. These delusions started back up after mixing shrooms and meth. Something I knew I shouldn’t have done but did anyways.
I should’ve listened to Mr. Mackey’s words of wisdom: Now children, drugs are baad. M’kay?


What’s Osho? Does it help a lot?

Thanks Flame! Appreciate that this exists. The Universe is a blessing.

Firstly U need to ask ur p doc about it…???
i practice it daily…
…Dynamic meditation …

…Kundalini meditation …

i do it regularly one in the early morning and one in the evening…
has help me a lot…let see it on a long run…!!!


I prefer mindfulness lol

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It"s so hard to get “grounded” when you hear voices and suffer with the paranoid thoughts . I was told I have SZ paranoid type. My symptoms are very similar to yours. I feel your pain :cry:
Music helps me……I try to be friends with my voices and get them to sing with me. Sometimes it works?!? I would do anything when the voices get so mean and loud. PRAYER WORKS TOO

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Have you tied playing music, depending on how well you are it could help.

I found when I was really unwell I could hear voices through it, but these days with AP’s it works pretty well.

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The intrusive thoughts have gone away almost entirely since being on medication. The feeling that people can hear/see my thoughts has been harder to get rid of, but it has gotten a lot better.

@fractaleyes which drugs did you do if you don’t mind me asking? I know LSD and marijuana and alcohol played a factor in inducing my SZ

so know you’re not alone in that

but i know even stimulants, dissociatives and other psychedelics could trigger underlying mental illness

just know its not the end of the world, sz, recovery is possible and im living proof of it! even though i have a long way to go too

You can’t really self-diagnose schizophrenia. Even psychiatric professionals usually require 6+ consecutive months of positive symptoms (hallucinations/delusions) before giving the diagnosis.

I’ve had a psychiatrist tell me that even synthetic marijuana can cause the kind of paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions that led to my own diagnosis. I experienced pretty much all of the delusions you described. I’ve had several opinions since my original diagnosis (including disability rehabilitation), and schizophrenia is no longer on the list. My diagnoses are PTSD, bipolar type II, anxiety, substance abuse, and a few others now.

You do need to speak to a psychiatrist about your symptoms. It’ll be a long process and a roller coaster ride with a lot of experimentation and trial-and-error, but I can say from experience that getting help is much better than living without it.

Who knows? Maybe it’s just a temporary psychosis caused by your experience with drugs, life stresses, etc. But you do need to see someone about it…