Time travel delusions?

I have been symptom free for a week now, but have a question.

I used to have a strange delusion that things around my had secret messages directed towards me. To do this, I thought they used a Time Machine to give me these messages.

Are time travel delusions common?

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No, i watch Marvel like Loki its all about time travel and the multiverse and aliens, it doesn’t trigger me, i enjoy it. But i can’t handle horror, i never liked horror

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I dont know if time travel delusions are common, but what youre describing sounds like delusions of reference. I would get them when psychotic, interepreting everyday occurrences into special messages for me.


That’s basically it. But during a psychotic episode I try to rationalize it, coming to the irrational conclusion that time travelers went to the past to alter brand names, commercials, etc to talk to me.

Needless to say, it’s all just a delusion to me.

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Yes i can understand your thinking, wanting to rationalize it and coming up with a time travel theory.

I had or maybe still have a little a delusion that we could live forever. Was a very strong one. Still is a little. At one point consumed my thoughts.

No time travel ones though.

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Time travel immediately introduces a ton of paradoxes which IMO disprove it. I don’t give it the slightest serious thought.

The self consistency principle says that anything that would cause a paradox can’t happen. If you went back in time to kill your grandmother, you never killed her or you would have never existed.

Here is an interesting video on it!

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sounds typical…my delusion of time was that I was stuck in a time loop of two year period that would play over and over for 2,000 years while I was a laser on a dvd player in a computer.

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