Anyone have any time travel beliefs/delusions?

I do. Are they real? Did they happen? I don’t pretend to know either way, which I feel is the sane way, for me at least, rather than to ridgedly dismiss such things as absolutely being the product of a disordered mind.

In a nut shell without having to go into long winded detail, my belief/delusion is thus:

I, somehow, due possibly to the presents of a severe electrical storm and both high tension wires and a large transformer station…time traveled. This thus split “me” into numerous spectral blue “entities” for lack of a better word, which ended up in various points and places in time. One of these, this one not spectral at all, entities was seen by more than one observer in the same locality as I as late as 2008/09

Does time travel feature into anyone ellse’s experience with this illness?

I had SEVERE time travel stuff when I was on seroquel. My take away was that time travel is bad, very bad!


sounds a lot more cooler than my silly government delusion i used to have,

i am 850 years give or take back in the past…
and i travel through wormholes a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: well with the help of my helpful alien. :skull:
take care :alien:

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Yes, I have a time travel delusion. I believe time travel will be possible some day.

Amazing what can happen in a year.

I’ve got a very not so nice party girl twin that unfortunately isn’t someone I want to associate with. She has plaugued me since about 2008 in this town, and drives the same make and model car too. police even confuse us as one.
I’m too old to be this cheesebag.
Need to travel back in time and slug the mother of this booger eater.

I have a time travel delusion. I sometimes believe the government is harassing me by going back in time to change films, music, and names of products and such to communicate with me. I even had a delusion that Jack the Ripper was a time traveler. It was quite frightening.

Its funny I did have a time travel bit to my psychotic break too. Odd how the brain just grabs all the things and puts them together.

are you still around? Ive been haveing this timeloop thing happening to me, and I really need to speak with someone who understands what its like. my ‘delusion’ is horrifying beyond belief if that is what it is. I think at some point I got in trouble anf was caught in a coverup that got way out of hand. I need advice on how to break out of the loop, whether it be a delusion or not. things are out of hand.

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