College again

hi, my friend from college is going back this year and she wants me to try and do it with her but my heart is not in it anymore, i’ve lost the passion for it and idk what to do, i applied anyway but tbh i am not having happy thoughts about going back even if it is in a better college.

what do you think? it’s making me feel sick tbh :frowning:

I would understand you not wanting to go back because of how the last college went. But not all colleges are the same and just like meds… you have to keep trying until you find the combo that works…

From what I hear, college is a bit like that. You have to keep trying until you find the one that fits you.

I’d say one more try if you’re lucky enough to get assistance to go, then way not. This one could be the one that helps you finish your degree.

You’ll have a friend there, and you’ll have your routine back, and what if you end up liking this new one?

To me… your post feels like that first lap. You know, your standing there on the pool side, you want to swim because you know how good you feel when you swim, but your brain keeps trying to figure out just how cold the pool might be.

So it’s easy to start to talk yourself out of the swim because of the thought of cold water. But eventually you just have to jump in and do that first lap. The water is never as cold in a pool as the mind makes it seem. After the second lap, you realize “hey, this is fun after all”

I’d say, why not give it just one more change. If you still hate it, well, you met some new people and not harm no foul. But if you like it… :smiley:


College makes me feel sick too sometimes. And you know what? I skull **** it, All A’s.

idk, i’m trying to get enthusiastic about it but its just so much to think about.

if i get a place wil it affect my benefits and if it does i might not get this house i have been waiting on :frowning:

that is the biggest fear that i will lose benefits and i wont get a house here (worries me sick tbh)

You have a lot on your palate… I see. First things first then… roof over the head.

Is there a way you can start when this all gets cleared up. But in the mean time, do you know how long you might have to wait for this house thing? If it’s a few month process, I get it.

But if the wait is going to be a few years… well, you can’t sit still and let life pass you by for years.

Is there anyway to find a time line for the housing process?

(I hate to say it, but I don’t know what “tbh” actually means)

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tbh- (to be honest) idk why i say it because i am usually always honest, just makes me feel better saying it i guess.

but the housing thing is all tied in with my benefits and the new rules that came into place recently means i can only stay in the house i get if i keep getting those benefits i think, and the waiting time is another year and a half as i have already been waiting a year.

I loved universities in the past. In my Master’s Degree I have studies included from three different universities (2 in Finland and 1 in America). My Russian language studies in the USSR were not included. I think it is great that you might go to college again. :smile:

I don’t think they can take your benefits away just because you’re trying to finish school. I’d hope not anyway.

It’s something to check. But I have a feeling you would hate sitting around motionless for another year and a half.

I hope you find an answer that gets the wheels turing.

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i need to ask someone for advice on this, maybe the citizens advice bureau or my housing support workers, i dont think my care team would be able to help and they never help with anything i do anyway.

so i just phoned someone and it was not good news,

the woman basically told me i was committing fraud and said i couldnt do college bc i would have to give up some of my benefits and i dont want to do that, but nobody told me i was doing anything wrong when i asked about it before i started 2 years ago, everybody said i wouldn’t lose anything as long as it is part time,

this woman has really made me scared about what i can and cant do, she’s made me feel like i have been doing something wrong and that i would lose money no matter what i do, she said i need to notify them if i do anything. :frowning:

idk who else to phone now :frowning:

Please don’t be upset, I don’t think you were committing fraud when you went to college the first time. Lots of laws change in two years. She might have thought you were trying to go full time. Or two years ago, provisions were different.

I’d understand if you were trying to go full time. But it’s so hard for me to think that taking a class here and there would nix your benefits.

This is going to take some research. I would say ask your care team when you see them. The housing authority might not know about mental illness. Not that you have to tell them. But get as much info as you can.

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