Dont think i can do college again

right now i dont think i can do it again,

tbh idk how i did it in the first place when i was doing it,

maybe i need a push but right now i am not feeling anything

i cant do much really :frowning:

You might just need a nudge. How many classes were you taking?

I’d say, get back into the sing of things maybe with an on-line class? That way your still a student, but you don’t have the stress of classes and other teachers. I know you left under hard circumstances from your last quarter and you were fighting off the flu as well.

I can see your brain not wanting to go through that again. You might need to find a way to reconnect the word “fun” to the word “learning”.

I’d say, also, a community center has a lot of classes in a lot of stuff. I don’t know how it is in the U.K. but community centers here have scholarships for assisted incomes.

So you can get back into the swing of things with something fun. Like art or music…

Just my odd pondering. I hope you make it back in… you have come so far. Imagine how good it will feel when you finish.

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i was going to look online and phone around for courses today but now i dont see much point thinking about it,

feels like i’ve had my chance and it didnt get me anywhere

everything is against me at this stage really

feel pretty dejected about it all really

Maybe looking at your education as a means to an ends isn’t working for you…

What I mean is… It might not have gotten you a job yet… but it gave you interaction, and gave you human contact. You said it was that window and a breath of fresh air. I’ve also seen you say that you missed some of the people. Plus it kept your mind active and in a routine.

You seemed very proud of your time in school and when people asked you what you did, you said “I’m a student for now”

So maybe just having that… is worth trying to pick up your studies again.

Getting out, focused routine, interaction with others, and not having a chance to become a recluse, getting mental stimulation… this is all heavy hitting stuff on the road to beating this illness.

I can understand if your having a low day. But I really hope your good friend Sweeps will nudge you a bit and you give some form of class another try. If your on assisted scholarships, then why not take the time to do something less heavy hitting and more fun. Just to get back into the swing of it and if it’s a fun class, you’ll look forward to it more.

Rekindle that spark that got you into college the first time. Student burn out happens a lot I hear.

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its just that i wanted to do it with my friends that i made before because i loved the time i spent with them and i wish we could have that again ‘it was such a good time then’ and i just want it back but i guess i cant see making friends with anyone like that again.

another thing is that it is a lot harder to find a course i could do as all the colleges have changed what they offer and idk what to look for now, like a part time course now is only a short 10 week course and i dont want that and they have something called flexible learning and i dont even know what that is,

when i was applying for college 2 years ago it was so easy, i found a brochure at my drop in centre and it was close to the college at that time so i just walked over and asked and they helped me with it.

now its like i am trying to look online and i hate it and i am a bit scared to phone them so it is putting me off doing anything and i am never going to have what i had before,

I just looked up Flexible learning… an flexible learning in the UK looks like “blended learning” or E-learning" in the U.S.

So the classes look like they are mostly online with only one or two class room visits.

Have you thought about going back to your drop in center and asking for help again?

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College is not for everyone, and certainly not for everyone who has schizophrenia. I won’t lie to you, it was utter hell when I was psychotic. Too much short term stress, too many people, too much noise, just not a predictable life (still isnt) and not a steady occupation.

Now that I am recovered and just have anxiety and motivational issues, as well as some flashbacks, I do very well in college, but I am far from psychotic, I can tell you that. Psychosis and college don’t mix, unless you add a fifth of whiskey or vodka into the equation.

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You can learn new things also without going to a college. I did complete my M.Sci degree, but I was an independent researcher at the library of Emory University from 1990 to 2000, 10 years. I always borrowed books, some were just published, and I read these. This was some kind of self-learning. Today, of course, the Internet is full of knowledge and information and so many paper books are not needed.


i dont even know if it is open now (the drop in centre), they were changing things there last time i heard and i heard they were shutting it down like so many other places like that :frowning:

thanks for the link, i dont think i could do an online class tbh though, i find it hard enough trying to learn for my theory test for driving,

sweep is waiting for results from her online course and if she passes it which i think she will she will probably have a better qualification than me despite me doing 2 years about it lol

Mjseu is right you know… there are ways to keep up your education without going a traditional route.

You used to speak of college so happily. I do hope you find something to keep the mind active. I have a feeling too that once you get this drivers test off your plate you won’t be as tired and it might be easier to find something that interests you.

Sweep could probably help you too. But I do get it… drivers test first, all that paper work out of the way and then on to something else.

As always… be patient with yourself.

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reading is so hard right now,

i am lucky i can read as much as i can on these forums and write

there is no way i could just get books and self learn, that would be so much harder for me

I took a year of college…not online, I actually went to the University, and I enjoyed it. I even put some of my unique insights to good use in some of the classes that got me top grades.
I could handle being around people in the classes, and between classes I usually used the computer lab or took walks in the woods that surrounded the place.

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There are people who have never been accepted to the university, but this did not prevent these people from achieving something great. One of my relatives did not pass English classes, but is today doing business in English in China. Of course, one can learn by living the life, the gypsy way. Just today I was at the health center and there was this gypsy girl and she had her tablet computer and smart phone with her and she used these all the time. Gypsy kids are taught already when they are little children to ask pocket change, coins, when they see some people. I mean these gypsy children can be as young as five years old.

There are many simple methods and techniques how you can learn from books and newspapers.

Sir Richard Branson- barely graduated high school
Dave Thomas- barely graduated high school
Steve Jobs only went to college for one semester

There are a lot of people who didn’t take a traditional path and did very well for themselves.

Yes, my cousin is one of those. He did not go to any schools, but this did not prevent him from building beautiful houses.

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In Finland here is one well know businessman Hjallis who had difficulties at the school, but this did not prevent him from becoming this businessman and the main fundraiser for the current President of Finland. Basically the school is not everything.

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cant really see that happening to me lol

i’m a 31 year old schizophrenic lol

if i made something of myself it would be a miracle lol

Just gotta unwind for a bit.

Take a road trip somewhere and just wander the earth for awhile.

And oxymoron-“make something of myself”, you can’t make anything of yourself, you’ve already been made and are what you are. You are already you is what im trying to say i guess.