Time studies at work

They do “time studies” at my job. Every four or five months a women from my company will come out to our job site and surreptitiously time us while we do our duties. For instance when I clean a restroom she will time me and compare my time to how long it takes a professional janitor to do that same job.The results are put in a percentage and translated to a “productivity” figure. For instance when they timed me 4 month ago my productivity rating was 79% out of a possibly 100%.
And that’s what they base my pay on. If I got a 100% I would be making about $15.00 an hour. But with 79% they were paying me $11.20 an hour.
Well they did our most recent time study about two weeks ago. A women from the office showed me the results yesterday. Unfortunately my productivity level had dropped six points to 73%. She showed me that because of that drop my pay should drop to $10.77 an hour. BUT. …:)…she told me that for some reason they were NOT going to drop my pay and I will still be making $11.20 an hour! She didn’t tell me the reasoning behind this but they are always telling me what a good worker I am and I’ve been there four years so that is probably why. My company is so nice!


I think their system is sick!

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When I was at a sheltered workshop for VR clients that I was forced to go to to get VR services in obtaining employment; they did time/productivity studies. They compared us to “normal, able-bodied” people and determined our pay in accordance with their findings. The sheltered workshop had not only the mentally ill clients; but, also physically disabled clients and the developmently disabled. Most of the developmently disabled never found outside employment. A few did. I never found outside employment. I moved out of town. They paid us like DIRT! They moved to a new location and then made us enter through a back door for clients only. The employees of the workshop were entitled to enter through the front door. I thought those time/ productivity studies to decide “wages” was exceptionally mean-spirited and very discriminatory. I am sorry that they are doing that to you and you are in a “real job!”