My success at work

I work as a janitor. I’ve been with the same company for 5 years, they hire disabled people and veterans. It’s run by a woman named Susan. I started off doing mailing projects but I then I got switched to janitorial work four years ago.
Well, a month ago, Susan sold the company to another company. So they are are new bosses, and our whole crew had to fill out applications, take a drug test, re-sign up for direct deposit, and fill out many forms.
With Susan as boss I was making $12.00 an hour but the new company was only going to pay me $9.31 an hour.
BUT…the new company gave us a form which I won’t go into detail about but basically it was about our “productivity”. And that means they gave us a percentage of how productive we were at doing our job out of a maximum of a 100%. My productivity level rating was 67%. I was disappointed that I got such a low rating, I don’t know what my co-workers rated.
BUT… we had a chance to make more money. They basically brought in a women from the company who’s job it was to time us individually in cleaning the restrooms. It’s a big part of our job, there are 12 restrooms in the building. Well they timed us and if we weren’t fast enough, they would lower our pay by 50 cents an hour. If we we got timed fast, our pay went up. For some strange reason I didn’t think I did very well when they timed me. In fact I steeled myself for them to lower my pay. That was two weeks ago. Well, the (cute) lady from the company called me up today and told me my productivity went from 67% all the way up to 79%!!! So now my pay is $11.21 an hour!! You could have knocked me over with a feather!


It’s great that you got more payed. But I think it is a bad way to make ppl productive. It causes stress.

Yes, you’re right…

What a tough and stressful process to go through. But I’m very proud of you for handling it so well and overcoming the adversity.

Keep it up, Nick! You are an inspiration to us all.



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I’m glad you got back up to close the pay scale you had before. Congratulations. I hope this doesn’t put more stress on you.

How often do they evaluate your productivity?

I would be a little wary of them for cutting your wages. Maybe you could work for a different company.

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Twice a year…

This company and my prior company hire disabled people.They try to treat us equal to non-disabled people which means they pay well but we have to perform up to a certain expectation. The company isn’t bad, they are just not as lenient as the original company.

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