How do people can justify this?

Manual real time work,


Intellectual unreal timed work.

Both must be paid equally.

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I earned more doing self-employed manual work than I do with my computer job

Far less stress however having a start and finish time + regular wage

The extra hassle of dealing with customers is really something I am not built for

Now I just spend most of the time coding and doing research


The answer is in co-ops.

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I am so sorry @Joker i feel i played a part you moving on to coding from the job you liked.
Its there in back of my mind, or may be false but want to ask sorry if otherwise.

I remember you posted an amazing back yard work you had done still fresh in my mind, where there was lawn and walk way and above the door a glass and wood work.

I was so crazy those day stating ML and AI,


I like the coding job still. It was a good decision

Being self-employed dragged me into working really long hours, and doing customer service

No regrets at all

Don’t apologise!


Ok thanks :star_struck:

I find it so hard to get into coding but i do stuff and foget them.

I cant retain information for long if i dont use them regularly.

And coding is such a vast subject, it need daily practice.

Which i did but when i hit manic state and get down from it the thoughts are also erased.

I should be at stable peaceful mind to keep these things i learnt stick on.

But i get excited while coding and reach manic and forget.

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I made more with manual work. But if i figured out some digital business that was very scaleable it would make a lot more.

Theres actually quite an imbalance in pay with different types of work.

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Why have they planned it this way ?

It must be paid for the work and time invested.


I made a glass vase by hand the other made mutiple with an idea of machine.

It took me 3 years to become an expert,
Just because the other was lucky to get time and resources to study and build a machine,
Poor gets poorest and rich get richer.

How do you get out of this cycle?

Oh i got it tax the rich and distribute equally.

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Maybe like in Star Trek - the future is money free. When technology evolves to make work for money obsolete.


A lot of luck and a lot of hard work and good timing with whatever you come up with.


Yup! Rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Only way to fix it is social change I guess. But from the inside, on an individual basis fixing basic issues like greed.

I think the best thing we can do is be good people and others seeing your good example will naturally do the same.

Some billionaires like Warren buffet have pledged to give away huge amounts of their wealth when they pass.


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