Thryoid and psychosis


Its been awhile since I was here, I was looking for more news on psychosis NOS and thyroid TSH.

I have mapped out my psychosis NOS, and my TSH is notably ‘way off’ (sometimes my TSH lab test returns 50 when the reference range is between 3 and 5) and I admit I just forgot to take my pill often since I was 30 years old…

Is there any scientific news or knowledge in regards to brain matter ‘shrinking’ due to the stress on the body of missing a levoxothyrine pill 1,2 or weeks at a time? because I’ll admit my thyroid was removed around 1997, and I forgot to take my pill more than once during that time.

I had a med student talk to me about my hypothyroidism in one of those stupid ‘doc in a box’ mental health hospitals, yet I was still told I had to swallow my psychotic pill rather than my thyroid pill. The poor young med student was so confused. Seemed his doctor teacher was teaching this med student “what’s wrong with health IT” at the time. Let’s fix it! is the @SzAdmin still here?

Hi! I was wondering where you were

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Nice to see you back by the way.

I had irregular thyroid issues in my mid 20’s and briefly took a medication. Ever since my tests have come out indicating normal levels. I have a sister in law who had undetected thyroid disorder in her youth and to this day her eyes are slightly pertruded due to this, not to say she looks wierd, she’s beautiful. Also have a niece who was just recently diagnosed with a lifelong thyroid disease.

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my one eye is alittle messed up now, its not fun when the thyroid eye thing hits…