Autoimmune disorders and Sz?


other autoimmune disorders I have are Graves Disease and roseacea.

forgetting to take your thyroid meds, if you have graves disease, can cause a psychosis.

it’s the chicken or the egg for me, if my acetycholine issue causes my thryoid meds not to work, or if I’m already psychotic and I forgot to take them, I’m not sure, I have to go back in history and check my TSH levels. at least once my TSH was 50, meaning it’s obvious I would be psychotic with that, and a hypothyroid Dx would have sufficed.

anyway, I’m still harping on immune system, recall I posted the recent research where the researchers think Sz is an autoimmune disorder. For me, I’d totally agree with that scenario.

and, if I bike 200 miles in a week or 2, I have ptosis, or ocular MG. my acetycholine antibody tests all come back negative, and it was ocular MG only.

I keep typing this into here hoping somebody responds knowing what I’m talking about or investigating the same things?

the times I’ve been psychotic is after biking all summer, it gets up to 90 degress in Iowa, after weeks of biking, and the hot weather hits, so does the psychosis for me.

I was diagnosed with either MS or a TIA stroke first, I think it was MG. then I had a psychosis, they ignored the diplopia, Dx’d me with late onset Sz. Late onset Sz typically is caused by something else, plus I think all Sz is caused by something else, like an autoimmune disorder. Stress, heat, etc triggers an immune system response, and the body stops tranmsitting information down the neurons, like with MG. MG is classified as a muscular disease, yet research says Sz is a immune disorder against acetycholine too. that makes it the same or similar problem!

is everyone with me? check your health records! put events on the calendar! were you stressed? hot? emotionally drained? exercising alot? this does take some work on your part, that’s why i’m so frustrated!!!

mortimermouse is the only physically active one here in the group as far as I can tell. to me, if you take these garbage antipsychotics, you don’t feel like getting out of bed anyway.

now I’m investigating MG, anybody know about MG? there’s a new antibody test out there I haven’t had Anti-LRP4 autoantibodies in AChR- and MuSK-antibody-
negative myasthenia gravis
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To be honest I’m getting tired of hearing about your autoimmune disorder.




My sz is chronic. I don’t have psychotic episodes except for extreme isolating. Doesn’t happen when I’m medicated which I have been for over 40 years. You’d think if it was autoimune related, something would have cropped up


they call MG the ‘snowflake’ disease, it’s different for everyone. here is how it is for me. a summer of hot weather biking, gave me a psychosis, coupled with my father dying. My arguement is, it’s the acetycholine that’s the problem, if the aceycholine is off, so is the dopamine, there has to be a balance in these neurotransmitters. i can’t get anyone to pay attention, i’m about to give up