Does anyone want to do a ongoing topic where we talk about our daily goals?

They can be simple goals or more complex but just something for daily goals??

they can be as simple as brushing your teeth and showering and making your bed or more to it like getting through your day , completing an assignment, etc.??


I like this idea! I set goals every morning for the day. And add reminders on my phone.

One of my goals today is to reach out to a friend and socialize. Maybe tomorrow, we can meet for coffee.

Another is to take a 2 mile walk (if it ever warms up!).




My goal today is to enjoy a xmas party that i have and not hate it :slight_smile:

My goal is to clean my house up. I even have help and did a lot today.

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My goal is to keep myself from doing nothing. Whether I have a late night with my friends from high school who are back on winter break or I workout or just keep myself entertained with a new tv show or video game, the goal for me is structure. Structure comes easily when im in school.

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I think this is a really good idea. You could talk about the goals you have - and even commit to each other (with a friend here) to do something you want to do - and make efforts to do it.

Then give each other positive feedback on the things that are accomplished (even if its not the full thing that was the goal - small steps forward are important, even if they aren’t the full step forward that you wanted).

Good idea!


I think that’s a brilliant idea. Accomplishing something alone is hard but with the support of the group it should make it easier. Wee could report in with a list everyday. And c what we’ve achieved each day.


I took my walk! It was sunny and so pleasant.

I also talked to my good friend and we scheduled to meet for coffee tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow, it is my goal to go to the grocery store and pick up a few items. I still have a lot of anxiety and paranoia about going into public places. So this is a tough goal for me. Hoping it goes smoothly.




@Szadmin,…Yeah I think goal setting would be a great idea for the site. Personally I have problems getting anything done and think it would be beneficial.

As for my own goal setting for Monday would be to enquire about courses for social work.

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I had problems for a long time with going to public places. I still hesitate and look around sometimes but i have improved. I hope it’s the same for you Anthony! Just give it time and keep going. :slight_smile:

I have an old hard line telephone. I have a thing about telephones… I never answer them. I just ignore them until they finally stop ringing. I HATE answering the phone. I’ll get e-mail from people saying…
I will call you in 5 minutes, please answer, it will be me."

So my small goals… answer the phone at least three more times today. If it rings… Cook a small meal all by myself.


well my party went well. i had a good time. :slight_smile:


Very good news. Did you meet new people? Or connect with old friends?

it was just with my immediate family. New people and old friends would stress me out a lot. But even my immediate family can do that a bit. But it went well. :slight_smile: thanks for asking. Hope your situation with your brother is turning out good??

The kid sis took Dad with her to see John in rehab. Mom said exactly what I would have… let him stew. But Dad is a softy so she took him with her to go see John.

You know those tiny mini-fridge bottle of alcohol? I guess he asked her to sneak him a few of those and she didn’t so he was mad at her for that. I’m a bit glad I didn’t go.

Well i hope it works out especially for you and your sister. :slight_smile: and i hope you were able to answer the phone a few times today too. :slight_smile:

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Just in response to you Anthony.

I too have had social anxiety and fear of going out in public, triggered by a mugging, then schizophrenia and ptsd.

Have you any idea what causes this anxiety, if you can identify the cause you might be able to find a solution. just a thought.

Back to the topic, I love the idea of setting daily goals, I use a to do list (excel spreadsheet)

My goals today are to exercise and find more solutions to incorporate in my daily routine to feel better.

I’d like to know what my real goals are. Also not things I’ve heard you should do.

Not sure if we should post a different thread daily or keep the same thread?? and then someone else posted another thread so now i’m really confused. not sure where to post!! LOL anyone have a suggestion??

But since i can’t sleep i will post my goals for tomorrow. and post when there done tomorrow.

for me they will be simple goals but goals that i sometimes struggle to complete. and want to make sure to get done.

  1. take my meds. (i’ve been forgetting to take them here and there.)
  2. floss my teeth (also have been putting that off lately)
  3. quit drinking soda. (this is a new years resolution that i am starting tomorrow.)
  4. make my bed.