Thousand Dollar Cameras

The two most flattering photos taken of me in the last 40 years were with very expensive cameras. What’s with that?


The price of a camera definitely matters. Expensive SLRs have truer color quality, a higher resolution, and customizable settings to help get the best picture possible. I would also guess that the people who owned those cameras were really into photography. A skilled photographer can make any picture look amazing.

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Were you born September 5th?


Nope. Why?

Just trying to grasp what 9556 might mean . . .


It will forever remain a mystery.

A camera that only costs $1000 is a cheap camera. My latest camera body cost $4700. I’ve got lenses that cost $3500. Generally – when it comes to cameras and glass – you get what you pay for.


The people who buy expensive cameras know how to take flattering photographs. I’m sure they could do the same with cheaper cameras.

How about my 40-euro cell phone that has a camera? I used it to take those winter photos.

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Those photographs are good, I’m sure a professional photographer could take a flattering photograph with a cellphone camera too.

To a certain point. You can’t get shallow depth-of-field with a point and shoot where the lens is too close to the sensor. It boils down to physics. Small sensors are incredibly noisy in low-light situations. Cheap lenses have artifacts that expensive ones don’t have. More expensive cameras have significantly improved dynamic range so you can handle contrasty images without having to resort to HDR.

Anyone who wants to see a slideshow of my work privately, PM me.


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I’ve gained weight because of the meds. My brother came over and I showed him a picture of me.

Me: “The camera adds 10 pounds.”

Bro: “Really? How many cameras were on you?”


( He’s the jokester in the family.)


My wife has a pic of me holding one camera plus three more clipped to me via my Cotton Carrier rig.