thoughts on this ?

i feel that psychosis occurs primarily based off emotion, which in turn explains the rise in dopamine.

think about it; most of our psychotic states are based on sexuality.

but, my question is;

can a SZ/SZA sufferer experience a psychotic state based off of their own factual intelligence ?

this is very hard to explain so I hope someone can dissect this.

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My psychosis was not based on sexuality at all. I am asexual, and don’t have a sexuality

This doesn’t really make sense to me and seems to be theorizing based off of your own personal experience as opposed to psychosis as a whole.

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Asexual and a sexuality seem oddly similar :wink:

SZ has nothing to do with emotion or sexuality, that doesn’t make any sense. Its SZ that alters your emotion and sexuality not the opposit. SZ is not a mood disorder. SZ is a genetic and medical disease.

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