Thoughts on NVLD and neurodiversity in general

For me it’s the gap between verbal intelligence and common sense/non-verbal/practical intelligence. People often overlook the latter when fixated on the obvious verbal skills. It’s of course not easy to see given the very verbal format of the internet unless you specifically point out the difficulties to people. Even the mental health professionals that see me have taken years to even slightly pick up on things(though there has been some progress recently). Indeed my stepdaughter has more than them. It truly is an invisible disability within invisible disabilities. As an adult ,as with much to do with neurodiversity, it’s as if it all stops when you reach the age of majority. Which as we all know is total BS.

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I’ve always been very well rounded person. Ever since middle school. I like talking and listening, always was taught to listen more because we have two ears and one mouth. So I always have listened more.

I think with those who have voices and similar symptoms, there is a very lopsided mentality of verbal intelligence. We’re always just the listener or mumbling to ourselves. Do you guys interact with your voices? I think to not interact/think about the voices is more based in reality. But isn’t it reality? I mean it may not be one way for everyone, it is like color preference. I like blue over pink. I talk to James, not Lisa or all of them.

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