Thoughts on cognition

I’m just putting this thought out there. I could , of course, be wrong .The major cognitive problem generally , though not for all people who have schizophrenia/schizoaffective and/or are on the autism spectrum , IMO is poor practical intelligence . The kind that helps you when it comes to day to day living .

I have done various verbal tests created by an educational consultant and psychometrician and the results fall within the 143-153 range . Despite that I’d be up ■■■■ creek without a paddle, as my wife used to say ,when it comes to the practicalities of daily living without support from my stepdaughter etc

As my depot nurse said a few years ago I’m moderately high functioning with the support I get here in Wiltshire, but was significantly lower functioning , without that level of support , in Essex .


I think youre right.

I have a magisters degree in litterature and religion, but i can’t drive a car, i cant fix my drain, it’s broken, i can get lost in a closet, i have no sense of direction, i cant understand my pay check, but i read for fun on

I learn to do practical things little by little even if it looks clumsy. I cant pay someone to fix things.


The life is hard

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Well, for me I can function and socialize normally but I get hung up on stupid little details like forgetting phone numbers…
I can’t retain as much info anymore…



I had no common sense until someone pointed it out. I struggle, but I’m proud of my effort.

I’m glad to see that you have some insight. Kudos!

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I agree with you 100% @firemonkey. I’ve completed a Bachelor of Nursing Science, and continue to study nursing science even till this day. I love science books, especially those concerning the brain. However, when it comes to every day stuff, i struggle. I struggle to shower, change my clothes, eat properly, clean the apartment, etc. I’ve had to push myself to do those things, but i find that once i start doing something, something else will become neglected. I seem to have only enough in me for a certain number of tasks. After that, it is neglect.

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