Delusional obsession?

I wonder how many of us convince ourselves quite wrongly that we are ,or might be, on the spectrum , or something similar like nvld .
Perhaps it’s just a delusional obsession on my part . Perhaps I’m just socially dysfunctional and that’s all there is to it. Perhaps the desire to belong warps my judgement.

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I think that psychiatry is one big guessing game anyway.

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My nephew was just diagnosed as ASD Level 1, which is like the old Aspergers diagnosis. Basically all this diagnosis does is alert his school to his situation, give us some ideas for how to communicate with him better, and allows him to find out about skills that will make him more successful.

I think if you’re able to glean something from NLVD literature that helps you succeed, that’s great. You don’t need a diagnosis for that. Otherwise, it’s really just chasing your tail.

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You are probably right. I should just stop posting about what affects me and stop looking for answers. There are people with real problems here.

Don’t stop looking for solutions, which can come with answers but are not the same thing. Instead of focusing on looking for a label, look for skills that help you navigate your world better and help the people around you interact with you more successfully.

I never was much good at self help. Half or more of the supposed ‘advice’ goes over my head.
Then again there’s ■■■■ all for adults with NVLD anyway.

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