Thoughts on Myers–Briggs Type Indicator?

What are people’s thoughts on Myers–Briggs Personality Type Indicator?

I’ve always thought it is nonsense.
Classic case of humans trying to make a neat list and order of what is essentially and endless realm of possibility.

I just filled in the same test three times to see if it was consistent, and it gave me different answers every time. I didn’t purposefully lie in any of the answers or anything. But likewise I didnt try and make it consistently the same.

First I got ISFJ (Defender) - which I did think seemed accurate in some regards.
Then I got INTP (Logician) - which didnt seem right at all
And then INFP (Mediator) - which I guess isn’t completely wrong but doesn’t seem that true either.

It amazes me that people put this on their dating profiles as if its some true indication of them as a person

I think it’s nonsense too … Fun, but nonsense.


I think that it has something good. I took my first MBTI-test in 1989 in Michigan at one business school. Well I did not agree with the results and this made me to have a meeting with a professor who asked if I thought the MBTI could be beneficial. I know many corporations are using it to facilitate their team work. I have got also different results when I have taken the MBTI test. Maybe it is useful or maybe not.

Every time I take that quiz I get a different answer. I think a lot of it is silly. The alarming thing is when employers ask you to take the test before deciding whether to hire you.


Mine always settle on INFJ but sometimes I get different answers.

To me, INFJ makes sense.

I think those things are like horoscopes - written in a way that makes post people feel it fits them


But for the record, I’m an infp-t, turbulent mediator

I get INFJ every time I do it. It makes sense to me.

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I am an INTJ, and this was done by employment specialists at University as part of a course.

The tests vary some times if doing them online

Also, they’re not suitable for people with mental illness, or things like Autism.

It’s designed for a typical ‘normal’ person.

There was a debate on this anyway, and my view was that if someone has a mental illness, you cannot really separate the effect that may have on how they score on the test…

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