Myers-briggs (whats your personality type?)

Hey everyone just wondering what some people’s myers-briggs personality type is!

Personally I’m an INTP

How about you?


The logician I get it every time.


Lol nice dude same what’s the odds. I wonder if introverts are more likely to be sz hmmm


Doesn’t surprise me man!!!

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Haha sometimes I get infp like it’s 50:50 between infp and intp but I fall mo on the intp side

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INTP man same here haha


Yeaaaaaa haha birds of a feather bro hah that’s actually so improbable


Hi! Im a INTJ, female

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@the_fool …do you mind me asking how old are you?..because I’m curious, because you gave me a compliment on my sunglasses post.

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Ayyyyyy another intx haha first lady of the thread :grin:

Uh I’m 30 brother I’ve seen you a lot on here man haha changed my name a few times. I used to be earth fire and before that I was Kevonthepoet

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It’s unfortunate but I have security issues parents etc. Are on sz forums and I don’t wanna be known

I’ve got three different answers. It seems to change each time I take it.


I kind theorise that maybe that means my true answers is INFJ ?

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Yea that makes sense I guess. I mean at the end of the day it is a man made test so, I feel like the questions aren’t perfect ( I mean how could they be?) some of them are hard to answer or like it depends on the context.

Sometimes it’s like: someone talks to you what do you do? A) talk to them b) walk away

The answer b would give you a more introverted personality type result but…. Realistically speaking zero people would ever do such a thing lol. I hope that makes sense, I just feel like common courtesy or social etiquette make it difficult to answer realistically or fully truthfully.

I am introverted and maybe I want to leave social interaction but who’s just gonna be rude and cut it short etc lol

The answers are variable in different situations

Yeah. I think its just a flaw with testing like this. My answers will change depending on my mood and how I interpret the questions and answers at the time.

I did a questionnaire that was part of a study on schizophrenia and paranoia, and it was basically testing how delusional you were with a series of questions. One of the questions was “do you believe the government is withholding information about UFO’s” we know very recently that it seems like they have been, so the second time I answered yes. But the first time I answered no.

There was also one like “do certain colours have special meanings to you”. Well I always associate my first breakdown with the colour blue. But it doesn’t mean if I see blue I think of my breakdown etc.

And yeah there were many questions like these that if I had low self esteem I would answer differently to when I was in a confident state of mind.

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I always get the “architect” personality type.

I always get INTJ, have taken the test 3-4 times I think

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Yea it’s difficult to answer questions that are not well defined. Invariably they will have varying answers.

Even if you don’t believe in martians which some would say is a delusion (and fine let’s say it is) it is still possible that intelligence agencies have been withholding information on unidentified aircrafts of other nations or something so it’s like…. We’ll what exactly does this mean.

Mood definitely would change answers too, so human error on both sides I guess haha

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I’m an INTP-A



Nice haha I’ve always wondered how the additional letters work. I only got as far as analyzing the four letter component

It’s an interesting scientific phenomenon to be able to classify peoples personality. Maybe it’s not perfect but it’s interesting none the less.