Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Are you a believer?

I personally think it’s the most insightful personality typing system despite how it’s hard to validate scientifically. To me in a way it’s not a true personality type system, because what it’s really good at is describing what makes people “tick” in terms of cognitive functions. But I can see how that translates into personality traits, too.

I think I’ve noticed a pattern too: if you’re an intuitive you’re more likely to really like and respect the MBTI, but if you’re a sensor you’re more likely to just see it as a gimmick.


It’s not supported by theory and research for a reason.

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Yes, inconsistencies. Both as an instrument (unreliable, not valid) and theoretically.

I know it’s a lost cause to try to convince people to treat personality tests as a science, but there really are good personality tests out there.

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I think it’s a little accurate but not fool proof

I was the adventurer on at least 3 different tests. Supposed to be the same as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Prince, Brad Pitt, Lady Ga-Ga and Rihanna. I have traits of that personality type, but I never thought of myself as an adventurer.

My spouse and I both took it for fun and both received INFJ as the result. I don’t know how the validity of the test, but I know me and him must have quite a bit in common personality wise!

The zodiac system is more accurate.

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I’m also INFJ! :confetti_ball:

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Personality tests . Can’t say how bad or good they are.

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