Myers-Briggs Type Indicator--a personality profile you can take

I have scored as an ENTJ year after year, season after season. I am a natural leader, well not just on here, I also lead in real life mostly by example. It’s good to know your MBTI because it has career implications–funny, mine is an ideal military officer, that went south, so now it’s psychology and graduate school. my profile as of today another page about the MBTI factors of personality, a bit more clear and easy to digest.

Happy thanksgiving, by the way.

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I took the test…

I’m an ISFJ. So was Johnny Carson the results say. Kinda fits me. I have many weaknesses, but I think being humorous and insightful are 2 of my strengths.

I got ISTJ, like always.

Has its uses, of course. I just like the MMPI and MCMI better. (Because they have their uses for sure.)


Im on the border between INTP and INFP. Can’t decide if I think or feel more.

I’m The Nurturer apparently…

The main problem I have with the MBTI is that it’s relatively easy to get a “false positive” off of it if the testee is deeply invested in his or her “false self” persona, test-retest or no test-retest. The MMPI and MCMI have very subtle confirming / disconfirming mechanisms in them to reduce the possibility of an inaccurate profile at output.

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I took this before. I am an INFJ. Only !% of the population is an INFJ type. Some famous INFJ’s are Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela ,Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi. No BS. I am sure there are some bad ones too but those are some examples.

“INFJs tend to see helping others as their purpose in life, but while people with this personality type can be found engaging rescue efforts and doing charity work, their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.”

Maybe getting a Psychology degree isn’t a bad idea, although I think I might be more interested in research. Not sure yet. Actually, I am not positive what I want to major in yet. I am taking a class my first quarter that will help me figure that out. I will say, though, that all I have read about the INFJ sounds like me.

Oh and Carl Gustav Jung (who created the Myers Briggs) is also an INFJ or , rather, it was created based on his work.

i keep getting ISFP but i think i’m more intuitive than sensing. but i’m not really philosophical or into theories like most intuitives… so i dont know where i fit in really.

I’m the same, couldn’t figure out if I’m more ISFP or INFP. The book I was reading said that ISFPs develop their sensing in adolescence and intuiting in early adulthood. 19 was when I got into philosophy and started being terrified by what if thoughts (beginnings of intuiting developing) so ISFP describes me better from this viewpoint.

Because you’re a great artist and I’m assuming you had that ability in adolescence, you’re prob more of an ISFP - just my guess…

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