Personality test, which are you?


I’m INTP apparently. I’m curious what you guys are though.

I don’t know if these are bs but I think I remember getting this same result everytime despite not doing one in years. Also they made us do em in school I remember.


I had mine professionally done by a previous employer. I’m ISFJ.


This is me apparently from previous tests I’ve done.


What do you guys think about personality tests? Are they total jibber jabber or is it worth knowing even just for keeping it in the back of your mind?

Either way, distracted me for a bit so I’m happy. :smiley:


I think there’s some truth to mine. But I think personality tests are a bit unscientific. :chart_with_upwards_trend: :bar_chart:


Myers Briggs is pretty well respected, which is what your test is based on. My profile describes me pretty well - the harmony seeking idealist.


I’ve done this several times in the past. I’m ISFJ



One of my professors was a huge fan of this personality test


Not sure how accurate though.


Intj. My brain/thinking has been destroyed. I wonder if I have brain damage. I can barely do anything, even with supplements.


When I’ve taken it previously I’ve been an INFJ.


Isn’t this site better? Looks better visually and has less annoying ads. I’ve taken these types of tests many times. I think it’s fun but not really scientific.


I agree that’s a better website for sure! Nice graphics and more info.


I’m INFJ. I took before same result.


No wonder we get along so well!


Cool isn’t it? :sunglasses:


I’ve taken it multiple times and I come up INFP but I’m going to take it again just to see



Jung = crap. Not putting much stock in this.


this time it said ISFP, must have been my mood because it said I am the adventurer, NO NOT at all lol


Personality tests are a little more meaningfull than horoscopes