My therapist cut our session short today

I went to see my therapist today and out of the blue she cut our session short by about 10 minutes or a little more.
I asked her if the session was over because I was a bit surprised, she said yes, and asked me if there was something else that I wanted to discuss.
I said no but I was not happy.

She usually sees me for 30 minutes but sees her other clients for 45 minutes.

Something is going on.


It could be that she thinks you are on an unproductive line of analysis, and she is trying to steer you to a more pertinent line of thought. Pdoc’s do stuff like that.


What do you mean @crimby?
I don’t like headgames.

Maybe she had to poop or other personal emergency.


That was rude of her.

If you feel uncomfortable confronting her about it maybe you could write her an email,

Or leave a message with office staff.

She shouldn’t be cutting off your valuable time.



I noticed my therapist started cutting my sessions short by 15 minutes,

When I talked to her about it she said that my insurance changed and only covers 45 minute long sessions now.

It could be something like that.


I am stating this only as a theory, but to me it seems like the most likely explanation. Sometimes pdoc’s give little signals that they want you to move on to something else in the material you are giving her to analyze. She might think your therapy is stagnating, and she is trying to spur you on to other material. I think there is some contention among pdoc’s as to whether or not a therapist should enter into an ego alliance with his or her patient. When a pdoc doesn’t think he or she needs to be friends with you it can feel pretty cold. Maybe she is fixing to send you to another therapist. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s probably better not to take issues of psychotherapy personally.

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This is the first time.
If she continues seeing me for only 20 minutes, I’m going to drop her.

She has already shaved off 15 minutes every session.

It could be my insurance but I doubt it.

I think that she is taking advantage of me because I suffer with a psychotic disorder.

All of her clients suffer from minor issues.


If you feel like she’s taking advantage of you,

Its time to find a new therapist anyway.

The therapy environment is supposed to be a little more trusting and comfortable than that.

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I will see what she does next.
Maybe like @Skims said, she had a personal emergency to take care of.

Maybe I’ll take a break from therapy for a while.


I think if it’s got bad feelings attached to it it’s time to change or take a break. I don’t blame you for thinking that way at all.

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I get scheduled for an hour at the VA but am seldomly in their longer than 30 minutes and I only go there once every three months.

I have a social worker I see with Medicare and she gives me a full hour but I haven’t been in a while. I may go back. I stopped going when I went out of town to work in California back in January. I was seeing her every week but was running out of stuff to talk about.

I hope you are getting what you need.

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@Wave. She may be getting lazy because a schizophrenic client takes more work and she doesn’t want to make the effort. Or hopefully she is not discriminating against you. I don’t know if you want to confront her with your suspicions.

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My therapist only saw me per appointment for a maximum of 5 minutes, yet saw the others for up to a full hour.

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My therapist gives me the full 55 min, but my prescriber takes only about 10 min with me. Maybe that’s what my insurance pays for, but it seems awfully short. I’m unhappy with both professionals, actually, but at least I get my medications prescribed. It just seems I’m mostly in my treatment alone.


Its okay wave bro…!!!


Holy cow! Only 5 minutes?!?!
That is totally unreasonable!

I thought I had it bad.

Do you still go to see this therapist @OTRA?

Which country are you from?


Thanks everyone.

@77nick77 I will confront her if she cuts the session short again.
She is lazy by nature, so it seems.

But like you also said, she could be discriminating.

Things will be clearer as time goes by.

She has already bad mouthed my psychiatrist to me before.

Something stinks with her.


Sometimes my therapist ends our sessions a little short. She explained that it is better to end on a positive note, than to open a whole other can of worms, only have 10 minutes to deal with it and having me have to leave unstable and distressed. I understand and can’t really disagree with the logic though like you I feel a bit disgruntled by it.


How long are your sessions for @Anna?
I’m sorry by the way.

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