I was in cognitive symptom denial


My cognition used to be sooooo bad that I was in cognitive symptom denial. I said “no I don’t have cognitive issues, I have superior cognition to everyone else”. Now that my cognition has returned, I am more realistic. I realize now I don’t have the greatest cognition in the world. Although it is not terrible :ok_hand: either. It is rather probably above average among schizophrenics. And low-mid average among the entire population. However, all is well despite these cognitive symptoms. I manage to function alright. So it’s all good.


your’e still producing music

and buying and reading books

are you still going to do that poetry class?

I think that would help greatly.


I’m not sure if I will. School is probably not for me. However rather I am volunteering. I often say I’m gonna be ambitious but it doesn’t hold weight very long. Well I’m off to the clubhouse very soon!!


I understand about not going to school. I wanted to see if I could go back so I bought a textbook in a subject that interests me. I had too much trouble. I couldn’t memorize anything and it required memorization. I’m not ready now but I hope I will be in the future.


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