Thoughts about contempt

I would like to ask you if you have any weird thoughts about contempt.

I recently had the feeling of despising someone, it was like an intrusive thought but it was actually a real thought., a pretty powerful thought.
I can’t tell the whole story here.

Afterwards, when I was at home, I got into the idea that many despised me and that contempt was everywhere, in almost every kind of social interactions.
I have the feeling that schizophrenics are generally dispised, so that they are almost considered pests.

Could you tell me if you have ever had such ideas?
(Actually, I also have obsessional thoughts, and at the time I had OCD).
These thoughts were really distressing, as if contempt was everywhere.

What do you think ?

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No one hates you. Barely anyone knows you!

To be hated you have to be quite a dick consistently to someone. I bet your interactions with people are fleeting.

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It happened with someone I know and like… :confused:

Yeah I get that feeling
Seems like
A gravitational pull, ha.

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psychosis was a lot about me not belonging with the world. In the second half

so now it has left a mark on me, because

what if i relapse again and experience this global hatred again

not just hatred but also pure and utter dismissiveness of me and my existence

i don’t care if it just happened once

but it could happen again?

and for how long?

since psychosis is seemingly bloody unpredictable, as in don’t know when it could strike again,seemingly it seems


Thank you for your comments. (I don’t know if it’s said in English.)

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yea,i soooo can relate!

basically, i try to find alternate opinions of people aside from hatred because when i hate, like you said, hatred lives in my mind and is kind of like i am wearing sunglasses tinted with hate, like hate is in the air,not pleasant,

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I really appreciate your comment @Mae
What I felt disturbing is that I like this person but I dislike certain aspects of him. :confused:
I think these are a little contradictory thoughts. These feelings are a bit opposite. :neutral_face:

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yea that can be quite confusing.

i personally would keep some distance if you feel it is affecting you negatively

unless there is a chance to mention how you feel to him

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Actually he’s a friend, but yeah I should keep some distance… I should just visit him weekly, not more !
When I meet him again after a week, I feel in a better mood ! More friendly…
You’re totally right !! :slight_smile:
Thank you !

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no its just your pereception that is not reality. No one is really hating you its just you perceive it that way. Also human behavior is complicated. You may think cause of the way someone is acting they hate you but it might be a completely different reason for them being that way, usually a personal reason. Try not to be so paranoid, cause you really never know what other people are thinking

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Familiarity breeds contempt. When people are privy to your most private info then they naturally grow contemptuous of you. Also, you may feel contempt for them later on as a reaction to their own contempt.

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Thanks @bozayo @seemore3434

I’m freaking out tonight. I slept 18 hours due to zyprexa. I want to throw something through the window. I have not had any interaction with another person in person for over a month.

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Problem solved I think.
I take the distance for a few days.
I also try to sleep better. I try not to think too much.
I talked to someone close to me, someone wise.

On the other hand, I missed the appointment with the shrink. He will certainly charge me for that consultation.
I was really not well yesterday and the day before yesterday.

hope everything gonna be ok.

Sorry to hear that, things will get better for you

Take care

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Thanks @Mae :blush:

I try to be careful not to get depressed.
The treatment helps me with this, but not completely.
I have to do my part too.

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Yea that’s how it works. I used to be given homework by my therapist every week. I’m starting therapy again soon, can’t wait!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Better days ahead.

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@Mae : Cool ! Happy to hear that ! :slight_smile:
Here we have an idiom that says: “do rollercoaster.” I don’t know if you say the same.
It simply means : going up and down (mood.)

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Hm, we don’t say do roller-coaster here heehee.

But we do say things like it’s been up and down.

And life is like a roller-coaster…


Which is true!!

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