Those in US: How do you get healthcare? Anonymous

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  • Medicaid / Medi-cal - Zero cost for everything
  • Medicare - Affordable government insurance program
  • Private Healthcare Plan - Subsidized by a full time job / HMO / PPO
  • Private Health Care through Affordable Healthcare Plan
  • Other

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I’m on Medicaid due to low income - everything is paid for.
but I will have to switch to Medicare soon because of SSDI.
Not really sure why I can’t stay on Medicaid. Or can I get both.

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I am not sure if national health is a gift or a curse.

Can someone from the US describe the different level of service you get?

Here in England, they have too many patients, and mental health services are severely underfunded - so much so it can be dangerous and fatal for some people.

That’s not to say that the National Health Service is broken, it’s just ruled by putting out ‘fires’ rather than providing the service user with a fire extinguisher

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Super complicated - honestly can’t be simplified.

If you got a good job - they provide you decent to amazing private insurance - depends on how much you pay, like 100-200$ For and individual. This gives you access to pick and choose hospitals/clinics/doctors/specialists.

If you got a shitty job - they will cut your work hours to be under 40 hours which means they don’t have to subsidize and offer you healthcare. So lots of people don’t have healthcare for these low wage jobs and they get sick and die.

If you make over $30,000 a year you do not get Medicaid / Medicare. Government thinks you’re too rich.

So the brilliant solution was the Affordable Healthcare Act in 2008ish. It is almost just as expensive as private insurance plans. For one person before I got SSDI - i was paying $250 under this program for a shitty plan.

Also before this happened. If you had no insurance from your job, and pre-existing conditions, private insurance will screw you with super expensive plans. Because they know you’re gonna be costing them way more than someone who’s 22 with no health problems. Even with the best insurance plan insurance can deny a surgery or whatever and you have to beg for approval - even for cancer treatment.

It’s a ■■■■ show - everyone wants single payer like you guys have but the people in power are owned by pharma and the healthcare companies lobbying.

Sorry for the rant. I had to pay $800 a month on a program called COBRA when i was unemployed - to continue getting healthcare after not having a job.

Alot of people are forced to choose to not buy insurance and hope they stay healthy.


Thanks for explaining.

Sounds like the burden in the US shifts to financial stuff

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I pay like 200 usd for mine.

Medical aid is a shambles all over the world


I feel like job + insurance is equivalent to Free iPhone + 2 year contract on a cellular plan.

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*Data from the US Census Bureau indicates a total of 27.5 million Americans had no health insurance during 2018

I really shouldn’t be complaining. I am not one of those 27.5 million.

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You really shouldnt be

Come take a look at what the government gives their people in terms of healthcare even in the more developed African countries.

Count your blessings

But it is the truth.
It kind of does not make sense for a Super Power nation.

Honestly while i was working. I did not see the problem.
I worked 20 years with the Job + Insurance combo - completely turned a blind eye to these issues.

So, suppose, if I have inheritance of 50000 dollars. My medications and doctors cost like 2000 dollars a month. I cannot get medicaid despite having ‘no income’ but because I have inheritance?

You would have to use up that 50,000 and buy your own insurance + depending how much you need health care services, more out of pocket expenses. Then when you have less than 3,000. You would qualify for aid.

Got it. The system makes sure you remain poor no matter what.

I am interested in what the situation is in Canada? Is healthcare really free there?


Every thing in the US is means tested meaning - are you too rich. They will check your bank account to make sure even. It’s completely legal. If they suspect you have money. And the poverty guidelines have not been updated since the 60s - its calculated by how much food cost to feed you x 3.

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I was in New York. A lot of people were working at low-end jobs making 3000 dollars a month (about 35000-40000 dollars a year). They didn’t of course show their income. Most had health insurance from what I remember (medicaid). Does this mean that there bank accounts were tracked in case they had more money than they should?

I think the Canadian system is a lot better. They have free health care. The US is a place where the rich go to party.

This is why I don’t live in the US.

I could start a small business there but if I were to get hospitalized, I would get broke.

;Over here medications cost 20 dollars a month if you buy them from a pharmacy. Sure, a lot of medications are not available like in the US. But, at least I can trade stocks with my capital knowing that the health care costs are minimal. I spend less than 100 dollars a month on medications plus doctors combined (there is no concept of insurance here)…and therefore can afford a decent lifestyle.

The health care cost remains the same if I were making a million dollars a year. The medicines made here are cheap. So, if I were to make money, and grow, I could afford a much better lifestyle here. I am a US citizen and I don’t think I can open a small bussines there because health insurance would eat up all the money.

It’s based household income. They could make that much if they were support 2 or more and still get aid. But Social Security will check my income every year. They just reduce my food benefits because SSDI payed me too much.

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Lol yeah. The real rich - like old money don’t show it off.

The new rich do.

I agree. It is great because the rich go to party.

If you make a lot, the US is the place to live.

Rob and steal lol