Those from the US I got a question regarding psychiatry

Regarding psychiatry,is most people in United States antipsychiatry or pro psychiatry?


Eventually people end up on the med wagon: or dead, in prison, or homeless.

Glad I chose meds!


Im sure its pretty mixed. Hard to say what most people think. I asked a streamer what she thought and she said she didnt know anything about it and another guy said psychiatrist should pay. But, take this site for example, they advertize alternative meds. So, they are for alternatives. And, not everybody here is a fan of the psych meds. They were not the answer for me, but for some reason or another im still prescribed and asked to be taking them. Probably because my dang mother likes being pro med.

It’s really hard to say. I think more educated people tend to view psychiatry as a valid profession, worts and all.

But some people here have had legit terrible experiences with psychiatry and meds, so they join the anti-psychiatry movement.


Most people are pro-psychiatry and anti-people with schizophrenia.


I feel like I’m pretty mixed on how I feel about psychiatry.
Like I understand that meds and such are helpful. However I also feel like there is a lot of problems with the system and the power dynamics that aren’t conducive to recovery.

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Meds do help but by how much? Its everyone’s luck.

It’s a mixed bag. I think that maybe (and this is just my opinion) that more educated people would believe and accept psychiatry.

I think there’s a large faction of younger, so called “lower-class” people who are maybe not educated and would look down on it and would never go to a psychiatrist voluntarily. I mean, the people I ran into when I was doing drugs, I couldn’t see them sitting down and having an intelligent conversation about it. I ran with lots of poor people who I know dismissed people who had mental illness as “nuts”. I wouldn’t say that all lower class people were necessarily anti-psychiatry but are just maybe uneducated about psychiatry and would stigmatize anyone who went to one.


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